Shift: Relationships in Overdrive


July 25, 2021 • Pastor Neal Oates

The pandemic year threw us all off-track in so many aspects of life. Many lost jobs, hobbies, vacations, the list goes on and on. One of the biggest things we had to press pause on was relationships- friendships. Many felt isolated and alone, and we realized our complete need for community. Now that life is back to a somewhat- normal routine, what can we do to restore and even further strengthen these friendships?

Building a Lasting Marriage

July 18, 2021 • Pastor Matt Jacobs

Marriage was designed to be a relationship that lasts forever. But the statistics of divorce rates are staggering-and so many long term relationships never even make it to the altar. Why is this? Moreover, what is the secret to creating and maintaining a healthy, thriving marriage?

Promises of God

July 11, 2021

Do you have worries? Do you have fears? Anxiety? Of course you do -we all do, to some degree... we are humans! Pastor Ben Courson takes us on a journey with his words of encouragement of FAITH through our fears, doubts, worries, and everything in between by reminding us of the promises of God!

Driving with Success

July 4, 2021 • Pastor Troy Gramling

Success looks different to everyone- whether you're rich, poor, young, old, we all deal with a degree of drive for success in life. No one wants to fail, whether it be at learning to walk for a toddler, or a person investing everything they have into a bold business move. But how do we know if we are truly on the road to success? How can we be confident that God is leading in our drive to success?

Falling in Love

June 27, 2021 • Pastor Troy Gramling

Anyone can fall in love. It's easy, right? Their smile, their infectious laugh, maybe their looks. But what happens when you fall in love with the wrong person? They may be appealing... but are they truly good for you or the one that God has for you? Pastor Troy Gramling shares a checklist on finding out if your relationship is love, or is it merely infatuation?

The Value of Family

June 20, 2021 • Pastor Troy Gramling

Some people are called to the single life—and some are called to the family life. There’s real value in both lifestyles when done for the right reasons. What can we learn through a life partnership living in a family? What can we gain from living the family life? Pastor Troy Gramling shares a special Father’s Day message about the power of family life to encourage fathers and families alike!