Easter 2020

Easter at Home Experience

Easter at Potential

April 12, 2020 • Pastor Troy Gramling

Easter celebrated the resurrection of Jesus from the dead after he was crucified on Good Friday. It’s the fulfillment of a promise made by God that He would save all those who believe in Him. What does Easter do for us as people today? Easter promises us eternal life with Jesus—for those who believe in Him! This promise also gives us courage to reach our fullest, God-given potential!

Good Friday

April 10, 2020 • Pastor Troy Gramling

Good Friday commemorates the tragic day when Jesus was crucified on the cross. Though He did nothing wrong, He was targeted, and sentenced to death. So why in the world do we call Good Friday “good”? What’s so good about the day when Jesus died? God made a promise to His people that He would redeem us of our sins. Good Friday is the activation of that promise—the beginning of restoration for all those who believe in Jesus as their Savior!