Pillow Talk

The Three Stages of Marriage

June 26, 2019 • Pastor Troy Gramling

Love and relationships are wonderful and beautiful. But what about when conflict arises? Because for every relationship you have, we are guaranteed that conflict WILL happen because there are no perfect people. Pastor Troy Gramling takes us on the journey of conflict and how though we will encounter conflict, we CAN overcome and discover greater intimacy because of it!

Restoring Romance

June 12, 2019 • Pastor Troy Gramling

Is the “spark” gone in your relationship? Do you feel as though you once had a wonderful marriage or relationship... but then something happened and it feels as though you can never have that fulfilling relationship back again? Can that romance be restored... and what does it take to bring about that restoration?

Dating vs Courtship

May 15, 2019 • Pastor Troy Gramling

Ever dated someone? Maybe things didn’t go so well... of maybe you ended up married to them. What are the keys to a successful romantic relationship? God created relationships, marriages, and ultimately, families. What if “dating” as the world defines it isn’t the answer but rather there’s another way that God created that made for a marriage after God’s own heart?

Female Attraction

May 8, 2019 • Pastor Troy Gramling

We covered the basics of what makes a man attractive through the lens of the Bible in part one of this Pillow Talk series... but what about the women? Does the Bible address what a Godly woman actually looks like? How do we model out those guidelines that God lays out so that we can be the women that God created us to be?

Male Attraction

May 1, 2019 • Pastor Troy Gramling

The Bible has a lot to say about marriage and relationships. Song of Solomon addresses romance quite thoroughly in the hopes that our relationships will thrive and provide the fulfillment that God intended. How do we flourish in our relationships and marriages?