Chapter 2

July 17, 2019 • Pastor Matt Jacobs

Sometimes our mouths get us in trouble, don’t they? And once those words come out of our mouths, we can’t un-say them. Or maybe it’s our actions that get us in trouble. What happens when we know what God is wanting us to do, but decide to go our own way instead anyway? Are we eternally bound for condemnation, or can God bring us back to the path He has for us?

Chapter 1

July 10, 2019 • Pastor Tyler Sterban

Have you ever heard from God—and you knew it was His voice—but you pretended that you didn’t hear it? We are a lot more like Jonah from the Bible than we think we are. We half-finish tasks, pretend we don’t hear His voice when we don’t like the answer we are getting. Jonah didn’t listen... and He ended up in the belly of a giant fish. Listen you God’s voice and ACT on it, so you can be all that you were created to be!

Chapter 3

July 31, 2019 • Pastor Carson Gramling

We’ve messed up. Day in and day out. Time after time. It seems as though we never learn. Is that the end of the road for us? What do we do when we hit rock bottom? God extends His GRACE no matter how many mistakes we make. Do we deserve grace? How do we obtain this grace?

Chapter 4

July 24, 2019 • Pastor Tyler Gramling

What is parenting like? Parenting is not always easy, and it’s a big responsibility to bear. God has created each child with a bright future, and He has entrusted us with the great privilege of raising these children to be sent into the world to change the world for good. That’s a big calling! The good news? God has given us the tools and principals to SUCCESSFULLY raise these children!