Are We There Yet

November 12, 2017 • Pastor Tyler Gramling

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Are we there yet?” Maybe it came out of the mouth of your child during a road trip, or maybe when you found yourself lost when trying to get to a new friend’s house. The truth is, much of life can be filled with waiting—with a journey that never seems to reach a destination. So how are we to handle the “waiting”? Is God with us even in the wilderness? Pastor Tyler Gramling shares God’s plan in the wilderness, and how God uses the waiting to strengthen our faith!

Hope for Healing

August 19, 2018 • Pastor Troy Gramling

We hear stories from the Bible of people being miraculously healed, often by Jesus, of things that are considered “incurable”. But what about today? Whether it be physical ailing, mental plagues, spiritual sickness, relational problems—is that same kind of healing available to us, even today? Pastor Troy Gramling shares a special teaching on healing and the same God of the Bible is the same God who is at work in the world today.

Hope for Community

August 12, 2018 • Pastor Troy Gramling

Have you ever been hurt by someone? Maybe it caused you to take a step back for awhile, afraid of being hurt again. What about when you’ve been hurt over and over again? Maybe you withdraw even more—maybe even completely. How can you have true community with others if you are holding onto the hurt of your past? God created each of us to do life with other people, in true community. Pastor Troy Gramling shares about how to get past this hurt or life’s circumstances that may have crippled you, so that we can live open, loving lives with one another!

Called to Hope

August 5, 2018 • Pastor Frank Toral

When we think of the word “calling”, we often think about the career calling we have on each of our lives. Called to be a doctor... maybe called to be a painter. God gifts each of us talents and gifts, and believe it or not, He uses our callings in life to be used to share Christ with others! Guest Pastor Frank Toral shares the incredible power of calling in our lives... and how we are called to HOPE!