Holy Shift

Holy Love

February 3, 2019 • Pastor Troy Gramling

Love... it’s a word that’s thrown around in society in countless instances and situations. There’s so many kinds of love, and it’s an institution created by and endorsed by God Himself. How do we love? What does holy love... the kind of love that God created... look like?

Holy Habits

January 27, 2019 • Pastor Troy Gramling

If we want to be successful in life, what does that take? What kind of sacrifices do we need to make in our lives? What behaviors, or habits, do I need to focus on to be successful this year? It sounds hard. But success is on the other side of the hard stuff... are you in?

Holy Speech

January 20, 2019 • Pastor Troy Gramling

New year, new you... right? The truth is, our words matter. We need to learn how to speak, when to speak... and also when NOT to speak and keep our mouths shut. Words can build up and make for success, but they also have the power to tear down and hold us back from success. How can we make this year the year we use our speech for GOOD, to propel us into the future God has for us?