Hope In The Dark

Hope In The Dark: Part One

What Hope Looks Like • March 22, 2020 • Mike Ashcraft

Overwhelmed and disheartened, life can feel as if darkness surrounds us. Yet this same ground, this darkness of night, is where faith finds its real strength. It's in our darkest moments where His light has the potential to shine the brightest, but it requires us to remain in Him. He illuminates our path enough for us to trust and take our next step. We demonstrate hope when we continue in faith. Displaying spiritual endurance is possible when we possess a relentless trust that God uses everything, even the darkness, for our good. We give our struggles the proper weight for the sake of what's to come. Hope is what sustains this process and provides us the strength to not give in or give up. Hope looks like patience.

Hope In The Dark: Part Two

March 29, 2020 • Mike Ashcraft

When things get hard, our first response is to assume something is wrong. Difficult things aren’t necessarily bad, just difficult. If we remain patient and engaged, then struggle, hardship and difficulty can become fertile soil that births joy. Obedience is our willingness to embrace the hard things for the sake of what God wants to do in us. We must be willing to remain in the hard because that’s where God is and where the work on our hearts occurs. Hope, like love, isn’t carefree and aloof, but gritty and determined. It’s not wishful thinking, but a conquering force. Hope is fuel for spiritual endurance.

Hope In The Dark: Part Three

The Result Of Patience • April 5, 2020 • Mike Ashcraft

God welcomes us to enter into the emotions we feel because He knows the brokenness that we experience matters. Christ possesses the power to create beautiful things out of broken things, including our mess. Spiritual endurance is our willingness to embrace the difficult for the sake of God’s purposes. God’s promise is redemption, not solutions. Some problems never get fixed; they simply get redeemed. Hope looks like patience because God wastes nothing. Patience is the fruitfulness of love. His love is designed to move through us and then out to the world around us.