The More You Know

Discovering Truth

The More You Know: Part Four

Knowing is Freeing • October 8, 2017 • Mike Ashcraft

Truth doesn’t set us free so that we can do whatever we want. In fact, that is no freedom at all. If we’re not careful, we can fool ourselves into believing we’re free when in actuality we’re enslaved through our self-absorption. This leads only to frustration and futility. On the other hand, freeing truth compels us to love. We demonstrate our understanding of God’s truth in the way we give our lives away. The way in which we do this flows from our relationship with our Creator and our willingness to stay connected to Him. Human beings are designed to relate to one another in the context of love. Whoever loves is known by God and it is this knowing that serves as the source for which we love others. Our hearts must be awakened to love. Our minds are useful to that end.

The More You Know: Part Three

A World Without Truth • October 1, 2017 • Mike Ashcraft

Our words and our minds have the power to create realities that shape how we view the world and our part in it. They influence the way we interact or label others. They fool us into believing that what we are seeing, feeling and thinking is true. They confirm our biases, viewpoints and limited perspective. These strongholds reside nowhere close to freedom and peace. Not only do they leave us divided as a person, but they enable division to take root in our communities. A world without truth isn’t wrong, it’s insane. Because we can want wrong things and believe wrong things, we can’t depend on them to lead us to life. So, what else do we have? How can we experience the security and purpose we crave?

The More You Know: Part Two

The Way Truth Gets Known • September 24, 2017 • Mike Ashcraft

It is possible for one to have all the answers, yet still not be free. “Going deeper” is dangerous waters when one finds themselves drowning in the shallow end of a faith not lived out. Knowledge that remains stuck in our brain but never sees the light of day is not truly understood. We might comprehend these bits of truth in theory, but knowing truth is only developed through experiencing truth. Truth is discovered by faith.

The More You Know: Part One

What Happened? • September 17, 2017 • Mike Ashcraft

We think information will bring us peace because it buttresses our perspective and supports what we can see. This only creates a vicious cycle leading to nowhere. Why? Because one can’t give or get enough information to build a relationship. When knowledge replaces trust, we will never get to love. The truth is more than facts and information. It is a force that demands submission. Knowing as we ought isn’t a matter of mere facts. It’s a matter of trust.