Below The Surface

Below The Surface: Part Two

July 2, 2017 • Mike Ashcraft

We bring ourselves and our stories together not to impress each other, but to express God’s image - His character, His grace and His love. Change happens when we connect authentically in relationships that are based on our dependence upon God and each other. Authentic encounters require authentic people, effort and trust. We need to avail ourselves and show up in our relationships. We enter into a generous common life be serving as an expression of His character and extension of His heart. The best way to express God’s work is to share God’s work.

Below The Surface: Part One

Seeing Below The Surface • June 25, 2017 • Clay Everett

We often assume we are okay until we are not. As long as nothing is majorly wrong, we don’t pay attention to the condition our hearts. Most of us desire to grow, but the formation we desire will never happen in a hurry. It requires us to slow down and take the time to reflect on our own, as well as invite other voices into the conversation. We need to slow down long enough to give some careful thought to what is going on below the surface of our lives. An accurate assessment requires an authentic encounter with God. The only person who can understand the true condition of your heart is the One who created you. God knows us fully, loves us completely, pursues us perfectly, and created us wonderfully. So, in light of all this, what can we do to know the condition of our hearts? When you encounter God authentically, it positions you to ask this question, “God, what do you see in me?” It’s only when you encounter God authentically that you will be able to see yourself accurately.