The Waiting

The Waiting: Part One

The Point of His Promise • April 19, 2020 • Mike Ashcraft

We won't admit it, but we often want God's will on our terms. Our intolerance causes us to take matters into our own hands and run ahead while God commands us to wait. We resist waiting not only because it feels passive, but because it's in this place where our will is broken. Faithful waiting requires a posture of dependency, trust, and contentment. We need to set our hopes on God and not on what He will do for us. God's presence is more important than His direction. We won't know His will if we don't know Him. In difficult moments, what we're waiting for is for our hearts to be content and captured by His presence.

The Waiting: Part Two

What Are You Waiting For? • April 26, 2020 • Mike Ashcraft

Our perspective frames our expectations and projections. Often, we’re not waiting on God; we’re waiting on God to do something we want. What we wait for reveals what we hope in. We need a vision worth waiting for.

The Waiting: Part Three

What Waiting Looks Like • May 3, 2020 • Mike Ashcraft

Waiting is a series of moments. What we do in those moments matters a great deal. Hope remains deferred, and frustration kicks in, as long as we demand it occur on our terms and in our time. When we lay our demands and calculations down, our waiting comes to rest on His goodness and it becomes our hope. Waiting isn’t about our ability to figure out if it’s going to be worth our time, but rather about our willingness to trust that the One we are waiting for is worthy. To be present means we have to show up. We renew our strength by remaining present. Courage is the freedom to trust with our whole heart. As we remain present, we remain hopeful.