How To Hold On - 06-04-17

How To Hold On

June 4, 2017 • Mike Ashcraft

As a church who reflects the love of Christ, we must possess a relentless commitment to the generations that come after us. The next generation matters to God so they must matter to us. Our job as a church is to empower the family and shoulder their struggle. To put it simply, every child needs someone to fight for them and with them. There are opportunities out there for us as a church to impact the next generation. We’ve just got to go out there and seize them. Young people find themselves in a battle over their heart and mind. As they try and figure out who they are and what they believe, they will wrestle, struggle, fail and doubt. What they need is for someone to throw them a rope that’s tied to something secure and trustworthy. They need an anchor to provide them stability and security regardless of the circumstances they face. The hope of the Gospel provides an anchor for their soul. The rope, the relational connection to the church, is what connects the next generation to this hope.