For The World

For The World: Part Four

What You Live For • October 20, 2019 • Mike Ashcraft

What God blesses us with should become a blessing to the world around us. The world needs us to show up with the weight of our story aligned with God’s story and the promise of His redemption. We carry the integrity of His image and the influence of His love wherever we go. We bear witness by living our faith out right where we are. By displaying Christ's transformational power in our lives, we work toward bringing shalom (peace) to the places we touch.

For The World: Part Three

The Way of Redemption • October 13, 2019 • Mike Ashcraft

God’s work in your life isn’t “then and there” but “here and now.” Your formation plays a crucial role in bringing God’s redemptive purposes in the world. Your story becomes His redemptive power in the world around you. As a church, we are for the redemption and reconciliation of everything God has created and called good. Redemption of the world begins with redemption in your world.

For The World: Part Two

More Than Religion • October 6, 2019 • Mike Ashcraft

Our calling to be for the world is an expression of God's heart. Life with God together for the world is the redemptive activity of the church. When we start giving ourselves away, we'll find that our purpose is all around us. The way of redemption requires us to enter and advance. We cannot separate the purpose of God from the redemption of that which He created as good. Redemption is the work of God driven by His resurrection power. The way of Jesus isn't a religion to follow but an invitation into a relationship built on trust. Our story becomes part of the larger story God is telling.

For The World: Part One

A Personal Decision • September 29, 2019 • Mike Ashcraft

The world doesn't have to guess what the Church is against because for far too long, we've devoted a great deal of energy making that known. What the world needs is an advocate and to hear what the Church is for, namely them. Being for the world looks much different than one would expect. It's subversive, quiet, and behind the scenes. Making disciples isn't a program but a way of life. To accept Christ's mission is to be commissioned to the people around you. By orienting and reorienting our ways with the ways of God's Kingdom, God uses us to bring His redemptive love to a lost and hurting world looking for hope.