In One Ear And Out The Other

Jacksonville, New Bern, & Wilmington

In One Ear And Out The Other: Part Two

Jacksonville, New Bern, & Wilmington • October 22, 2017 • Brett Eddy

Sometimes the decisions we face aren’t a matter of right or wrong. Rather than being black and white, the choice we make resides in the grey area. Our hearts don’t do too well with the grey. Asking, “Is it wise?” takes our issue out of the arena of right and wrong by entering it into the world of wisdom. This question leaves less room for rationalization We all know from experience how easy it is to stumble. This is why we have to be careful on the decisions we make. We not only need to ask God for wisdom, but we must be proactive in surrounding ourselves with individuals who walk with integrity and provide insight. We also have to take it a step further and grant both parties access to speak into our situation and expose our hearts.

In One Ear And Out The Other: Part One

Jacksonville, New Bern, & Wilmington • October 15, 2017 • Brett Eddy

Our connection points form and mold us. They can take their toll on our heart as well as make it come alive. We are the sum of the people we surround ourselves with. Quite simply, our friends will determine the quality and direction of our lives. Because this is true, we must pause and determine the direction of the influence. What connections are causing chaos? Which relationships are having a negative effect on our attitude, actions, and perspective? Where are we looking for acceptance in all the wrong places? On the flip side, what relationships are helping us flourish? Who in our lives spurs us on to pursue God’s heart? What connections cause you to gain confidence in our character? We must choose our friends wisely. We can’t let this important truth go “in one ear and out the other.”