No Ordinary Family

No Ordinary Family: Part One

What Becomes of the Family • November 3, 2019 • Mike Ashcraft

What typically comes to mind when you think of the word “family”? God’s picture of the family is much grander than anything we paint. He created a family to become a people. Belonging to God’s family establishes identity, authority, and legacy. Investing in the next generation requires a village of people who are bought in and engaged. It requires all of us to learn how to belong, how to trust, and how to participate. The family of God serves as the redemption for our hearts and souls. Becoming a part of God’s family restores our identity and proclaims our worth. We belong, we matter, and we have a part to play.

No Ordinary Family: Part Two

The Family Foundation • November 10, 2019 • Mike Ashcraft

Who has the right to say who you are? Don't dismiss this compelling question. Our response to it shapes us in ways we don't even realize. Whatever holds our primary identity demands our ultimate allegiance. The thing we love first becomes our source for everything else. Above all else, we love freedom, especially freedom from restraints. But, doing whatever we want has caused more problems than good. The rule of law creates a structure where we find loopholes to prevent our freedom from being restricted. The rule of love creates a relationship where freedom is fulfilled and expressed, which leads to contentment and joy.

No Ordinary Family: Part Three

Part Of The Family • November 17, 2019 • Mike Ashcraft

For us to become a blessing to the world and a force for redemption, we must become a family. We have to go against the grain of culture's push toward individualism and autonomy that seeks to separate and divide. Instead, we want to be a family that brings together and unites. Belonging isn't about possession, but rather a deep connection that says, "You matter!" Family shows up for family. We weep with those who weep, and we rejoice with those who rejoice. Each of us has a part to play and a role that matters. The foundation of His Kingdom serves as the foundation for our belonging.

No Ordinary Family: Part Four

Resting On The Future • November 24, 2019 • Mike Ashcraft

The purpose of the family is for our children's children to know God as God, which means the future depends on the generations to come. A healthy culture exists where multi-generational connections and interactions take place. We've lost our vision for the future when our default response is, "we've never done it that way before." Failure is the only way to find success, so we need to provide a place for the next generation to fail well. Whenever we let fear get a grip on us, we hold on longer and tighter to things God is calling us to hand off - namely, the future. One generation has to receive responsibility while another generation has to trust them with the responsibility given. You empower the next generation one little thing at a time.