Flipped - Stand Alone


October 23, 2016 • Tony Ferraro

Each one of us has a core struggle we can’t seem to get away from. For some it’s lust and jealousy while for others it might be gluttony and greed. We all are enticed to take our eyes off Christ and look around us to find fulfillment, love, purpose, freedom and comfort in lesser things. In the midst of our struggle, we need to remind ourselves that God knows us intimately, including what pulls at our heart strings and tempt us. Not only does He knows these things, but He understands our struggle with temptation because He experienced it first hand. For forty days, the devil did his best to attack Jesus at His core. Every single time Jesus flipped the conversation and focus. He took the attention off himself and placed it on God. What if we could do the same? What if we flipped our sinful desires into opportunities to worship God?