No Vacancy

No Vacancy: Part 4

December 18, 2016 • Mike Ashcraft

It might come as a surprise, but understanding God’s will for our life isn’t as complicated as we make it out to be. As believers, we have the same calling: to share Christ’s love with those around us and to make His name known. God is far less concerned with WHAT we do and more focused on WHY we do it. Our purpose always exists outside of ourselves. We don’t find our purpose by looking for it. We find our purpose by giving ourselves away. We end up doing big things for God by consistently doing small things well.

No Vacancy: Part 3

December 11, 2016 • Mike Ashcraft

Speed kills relationships. When life is going by at warp speed everything becomes blurry, including our connections. Life picks up and our relationships lose out. Tending to our relationships drop to the bottom of our “to-do” list. Ensuring that our needs, wants, and desires get met serves as our ultimate priority. Individuals become a pawn we play to get our desired results. We wind up using people as tools for our own purposes. This approach stands in stark contrast to the importance the Bible places on our human relationships. We are called to love. We are challenged to look for ways to give rather than receive. We are urged to think of others better than ourselves and put their needs above our own. We are to leave people better than we found them. Truly seeing people is a skill and requires one to make room for others. Being present doesn’t happen by accident. It involves intentionality, focus and vision.

No Vacancy: Part 2

December 4, 2016 • Mike Ashcraft

Many of us are unaware of the glasses we put on. We’ve become so accustomed to viewing life through our emotional lens that our perceptions become our reality, whether they are true or not. Our lens shapes our self-worth. They determine our willingness to display courage and take steps of faith. It directs our responses and impacts our relationships. Our emotions are the lens through which we view life.

No Vacancy: Part 1

November 27, 2016 • Mike Ashcraft

Holiness has much less to do with our actions then it does understanding our purpose. Holiness simply means to be “set apart.” Understanding our identity in Christ has the ability to transform everything about us: how we deal with the past, leverage our present and have hope for our future. We can pursue holiness through our schedule. Making room for something means making time to look and notice. Our lives are full of what we make room for. Sometimes solitude is the greatest gift we can give ourselves. The time has come to prepare Him room and pursue holy lives.