Lean In

Lean In: Part 4

Finding Your Thing • November 20, 2016 • Mike Ashcraft

The pressure to find “our thing” can overwhelm us. Rather than launching us into action, we hesitate and collapse under the weight of our calling. Terrified of not measuring up or, even worse, going down the wrong path, we remain inactive and paralyzed. But, God calls us to freedom. This freedom isn’t just experienced through the forgiveness of our sins, but also a freedom to serve and for our lives to stand as a reflection of His love. God is far less concerned about the specifics of our activity than He is about our authenticity, availability and access. The challenge is to turn our attention off ourselves and fix our eyes on the needs of others. It involves looking at the things that make our hearts come alive and devoting our time and energy towards these ventures. It requires taking the time to notice what our gifts, talents, interests and passions are and figuring out ways they can be used to advance His Kingdom rather than our agenda. It is understanding how “our thing” contributes to the overall impact of the church we call home.

Lean In: Part 3

November 13, 2016 • Mike Ashcraft

When we see the difficult issues of the world, the solutions to the problems seem obvious. People who are hungry need food. Families without a home need a roof over their head. Racism could be solved by becoming color blind. If only the “have’s” would be more compassionate to the “have nots,” then all that is wrong with the world would be instantly fixed. Yet, sometimes the obvious solution to a problem can cause more harm than good. Sometimes in our attempt to create a quick fix we perpetuate the problem and make it worse. We give something that addresses the symptoms but ignores the deeper issue.

Lean In: Part 2

November 6, 2016 • Mike Ashcraft

We are building an “I can’t, but we can!” culture at PC3. As a church filled with people bought in to the mission of “reaching people and helping them walk with God,” we can leverage our combined influence to leave our mark on the world and make Christ’s name known. The great news is that no one is depending on you to fulfill the mission of PC3 all by yourself. This does not relieve you of your responsibility to help people or figure out God’s unique expression for your life. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Knowing you are contributing to something much greater than yourself raises the level of your responsibility and ownership. Your part matters because without it our story would be incomplete and people in need would be missing out. Can you help everybody you know and solve every problem? Of course not, but you can do something. You can start somewhere. You can live out your unique expression. You can lean in.

Lean In: Part 1

October 30, 2016 • Mike Ashcraft

Everyday, all around us, we are confronted with brokenness. We see needs in our neighborhood, our city and our world. We may even feel a nudge to get involved, do something and take action, but fear, doubt and inadequacy win out. We shrink back, turn away and hope someone else will rise to the occasion. Some of us allow our convenience, comfort and complacency to justify our inactivity. Then there are those moments when we reflect on the issues facing our world and we feel completely inadequate and overwhelmed. We don’t know how to begin, where to start and what we could possibly do to make a difference. We convince ourselves that we don’t have what it takes to make an impact. But, what if our gifts, our experiences, and our passions are exactly enough? Maybe God only needs the little we have to make big things happen, if we would only lean in and start somewhere. We invite you to join us for Lean In where we will learn how to enlarge our heart and soul while uncovering our unique expression that we have to offer the world.