As You Go

As You Go: Part Four

Results Matter • September 3, 2017 • Mike Ashcraft

A relationship is where influence takes root. Our expression, the way we live our lives, can be someone else’s encounter. As believers, every where we go we carry with us the integrity of His image and the influence of His love. Our encounter with Christ is meant to be shared, rather than held onto. Influence gets formed within and moves outward. These ripple effects touch others who in turn impact the places where they’ve been planted. Making disciples is what happens outside of Sunday morning and the church walls “as we go” about our normal day. Influence has a responsibility for those within its care. We must start with love because love compels and love fills. Love wants the best for another person.

As You Go: Part Three

Influence Requires You • August 27, 2017 • Mike Ashcraft

“As you go” leadership is a way of thinking about influence without having to be someone else or somewhere else. It involves living one’s life with an eye on God’s purpose. It’s focused not on the blessings we receive, but rather seeking out ways to be a blessing for someone else. Blessing is the act of our soul extending toward another in love. To love someone is to see another person as part of yourself and this requires empathy. When we extend ourselves, we offer ourselves to another. Leadership is not about us, but it requires that we bring our whole heart and all of ourselves to every opportunity that is presented to us.

As You Go: Part Two

Everyone Else • August 20, 2017 • Mike Ashcraft

In a culture littered with dishonesty, hype and confusion, people are crying out for leadership they can trust. They are looking for people who walk with integrity and embody the message they proclaim. With this being the case, there has never been a bigger opportunity to make an impact in this world and fill the void of humble, selfless, and outward focused leadership. We leverage the influence we’ve been given by serving others rather than trying to make a name for ourselves. We pay attention to the needs that present themselves and respond with love. Love is simply looking out for the good of another. The excuses for why we don’t use our influence has to stop. At some point, our lack of leadership becomes bad stewardship. Everyday leadership begins today.

As You Go: Part One

Everyone And Everything • August 13, 2017 • Mike Ashcraft

Everybody is leading somebody somewhere. Yet, we rarely stop and consider where people end up when they follow in our footsteps. Leadership isn’t a destination we arrive at, but rather it’s something that gets formed in us in every moment of every day. Opportunities to influence are all around us. During the normal course of our day, we must pay attention or we’ll miss them. Understanding the significance of the small things is something we underestimate. Because they aren’t seen on a big stage we don’t think they carry any weight. But, they do. The small things matter. These “as you go” moments of influence serve as the building blocks of leadership. Big things are just a pile of little things done really well over time.