Picture Perfect

Reframing Your Family Story

Picture Perfect: Part Four

Our Frame Is Too Small • November 19, 2017 • Mike Ashcraft

The family is much bigger than we realize, which means the redemptive story God is telling is too. The purposes of God in our lives and our families aren’t isolated or independent. They are intended to impact and influence others. Our purpose is a small part of God’s larger purpose for the family that continues toward completion in the generations that come. What God is redeeming is the relationship between He and His people as we dwell together. He provides us with opportunities to influence, input and contribute to a family much bigger than ourselves.

Picture Perfect: Part Three

November 12, 2017 • James Banks

Silently we struggle alone. We lose hope and heart. We doubt that anything will change. We reason that our situation, or that family member who went their own way, is too far gone for God’s redemption. But, this is simply not the case. God has a way of bringing beauty out of brokenness. If redemption means God uses everything, then it is safe to assume God wastes nothing, including our pain, heartbreak, and shame. We can run to Jesus in our mess, and He gets us. God is kind enough and strong enough to handle all of it. When our children or life bring us to our knees, we’re in the best position for God to help us. While we wait for answers to prayer, we must ask ourselves whether we are waiting with our worries, doubts, and fears, or are we waiting with Jesus?

Picture Perfect: Part Two

Reframing Your View • November 5, 2017 • Mike Ashcraft

Picture Perfect: Part One

A View Of Perfection • October 29, 2017 • Mike Ashcraft

The family is one of the most central concepts of humanity, but it’s also one of the greatest sources of frustration, disappointment and shame. The reality is that we cannot just wish these issues away or pretend they don’t exist because the struggle is real. To ignore it would force people and families to wrestle with things on their own. The church has fought hard for the restoration and reclamation of the family. Unfortunately, they’ve also lost sight of another important element, which is the redemption of the family. God is always working towards redemption. But, redemption doesn’t necessarily look like the way things looked before. We will not find a new story for our family until we let go of the old one.