The Way

The Way: Part One

No Way! • May 10, 2020 • Mike Ashcraft

Our view of a “way” is typically framed by “my way”! We create our own destinies and then try so hard to manage and preserve them. The issues of the world only become a problem when they become a problem for us. Christ calls us to so much more. We must have a concern for what concerns others. Our way goes away when we walk in His way. Surrender means staying close.

The Way: Part Two

Surrender Is The Way • May 17, 2020 • Mike Ashcraft

The culture in which we reside shapes our way of life and the way we see the world around us. We need to remain in Christ to be changed. Surrender isn't an event; submission is a struggle, but it is worth it. It's impossible to indulge in our way of life when we remain in His. We can't bypass the formation process.

The Way: Part Three

The Way Forward • May 24, 2020 • Mike Ashcraft

We can align yourself on one side of the issue or the other and still completely miss the way of Jesus. We don't bring the Kingdom to the world around us by winning the culture war. We bring the Kingdom by following the King. Jesus lived and taught in a way that challenges, confounds, and confronts. Jesus didn't come to bring an insurrection; He came to bring resurrection. The first place of His rule resides in your heart. What we do in this season matters - it matters to who WE are becoming.

The Way: Part Four

Ready or Not • May 31, 2020 • Mike Ashcraft

Challenges and opportunities arise whether we’re ready or not. Your reactions will determine your readiness which is why we must wrestle our thoughts out with a pen. The way to depend requires us to test our perspectives, confront our tendencies, and allow the Holy Spirit to recreate and shape. Readiness isn’t about control, but our response. It’s seen through our dependence on God to guide our steps.