Parent Network Podcast 21

November 16, 2018 • Troy Peverall

In Episode 21 of the Parent Network Podcast we talk to Troy Peverall of Agape Counseling Associates about how to strengthen our marriage and we get some overall great parenting advice. It's part one of two and its great!

Parent Network Podcast 59

September 15, 2020 • Domonique & Pam Dixon

In episode 59 Domonique and Pam Dixon share about their family, which is blended in more ways than one. They talk about how they are attempting to live a life of love as they navigate so many layers. Their focus on sharing the love of Christ through their actions is inspiring. Definitely share this one with a friend!

Parent Network Podcast 58

September 4, 2020 • Chris Sasser

In episode 58 we address the issue a lot of parents are facing right now and we talk about how to navigate home based learning. We hosted a conversation with parents and recorded a panel sharing some great tips from some homeschool parents. We fielded some questions and had a great discussion. This episode has parenting nuggets for all of us and is a great resource to share with friends.

Parent Network Podcast 57

August 25, 2020 • Jason and Kayla Black

In episode 57 of the Parent Network Podcast we spend some time with Jason and Kayla Black. They have a 16 month old son and they have both worked with teenagers and families in variety of ways over the years. They have some great insight on trusting God through parenting, navigating a pandemic, and living in a multi-ethnic family.