Hope Is Everywhere

September 22, 2019 • Dan Clark

The Church is poised to be the greatest global force for good in history. We have an unmatched ability to rally, recruit, mobilize, and direct resources. We need to engage our talent, our thinkers, our influencers, and our business minds to step into and address the issues facing our world. But, taking on a monumental challenge starts with believing we actually can. The only excuse to not be part of the solution is a lack of imagination, willpower, or focus. If we do what’s possible, then God can intervene and do what we believe is impossible. We can’t allow the things that are beyond our control to stop us from doing that which is within our control.

When Life Give You Lemons - Part Two

August 2, 2020 • Gerald Fadayomi

Nobody likes being told what to do. We often resist obedience because we know WHAT we’re supposed to do, but not WHY we’re supposed to do it. Many of us possess a segmented view of Jesus. We love the concept of Jesus being our Savior but hesitate to make Him Lord of our lives. Jesus isn’t restricting us from something; He is leading us somewhere. Following Jesus begins with trust, but it always ends with obedience. It’s not about obtaining knowledge; it’s about the application. Seasons of adversity come and go, but there is a way to stand firm among them. Building our lives upon Him enables us to navigate the storms that we face.

Parent Network Podcast 56

August 7, 2020 • Chris, Karin, Jordan, and Alex Sasser

Episode 56 is super fun as Chris and Karin Sasser welcome Jordan and Alex Sasser to a fun and rich conversation. Jordan (Sass' nephew) and Alex have two kids, five and two. We talk about everything from parenting together to staying consistent. You'll get a ton out of this episode, especially if you have younger kids (but listen if you have olders too!). Also, if you stay until the end you'll hear an extra treat.

Episode 009: Desert Seasons

August 5, 2020 • Zack Hamby, Clay Everett, and Maddie Goslee

There are seasons of life that feel like you are walking through a desert, times where you see more negative in your life than positive, and you might feel distant from God. Chances are, right now, you might feel like you are in the desert! While this season might not be pleasant, we do believe that it is purposeful! So how do we navigate life in these difficult times? How do we find God's provision in the desert? We discuss all of this and more on this week's podcast! This episode also is the debut of our newest Overflow Staff member, Maddie Goslee!