Rushed: Part Four

Now & Then

October 14, 2018 • Mike Ashcraft

Jesus invites us to follow and keep pace with Him. He encourages us to remain in His love, which is a hard task for us to do. We either fall behind and give up when our circumstances don't change or we rush ahead and leave Christ in the dust while trying to tackle our issues alone. We don't need to rush, but rather remain. Remaining requires withdrawing. It entails slowing down, being still and seeing things from His perspective. We withdraw in order to see. Yet, stillness appears counterproductive when there are things that need to get done. The idea of remaining in His love seems stationary, but it's not. It's active and intentional. It requires courage and faith and leads us to walk in obedience. The speed of trust gets discovered through a step of faith.

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Rushed: Part Five

A Tool For The Way • October 21, 2018 • Mike Ashcraft

We often let our mind run wild without giving much thought to where it is taking us. We also tend to allow our heart and feelings to dictate our response to our circumstances. Both approaches often lead us down well-worn paths we don't want to go. We need disciplines to help us arrange our lives. A step we can take to interrupt this vicious cycle is putting pen to paper. Journaling serves as an intentional disruption that leads to clarity, purpose, and focus. Writing out our thoughts convinces our mind that we are serious about slowing down. It allows us to see what we're thinking without being blinded by what we are feeling. Journaling gives us a chance to see and submit to God's truth. And, most importantly, it helps us recognize that we're being transformed.

Rushed: Part Three

The Speed Of Trust • October 7, 2018 • Mike Ashcraft

The more pressure we feel, the more pressed we are to figure things out and move things ahead. We have an almost non-stop propensity to calculate. We're hardwired to complete stories and close loops, even if we have to make up the ending. We can rush and try to figure out the ending or we can trust the Author of our story and enjoy the journey. Our ability to understand how God is going to do something has no bearing on His ability to do it. This frees us from calculating. God invites us to live at the pace of a relationship governed by the speed of trust. There is a beauty of hiddenness. It's not a cruel game of "hide and seek" but rather an invitation to "come and see."

Rushed: Part Two

The Speed Of Importance • September 9, 2018 • Mike Ashcraft

"Teach me your way, Lord, so that I __________." How would you fill in the blank? We tend to complete it with requests for insight or relief so that we can get on with a life we can control relying on our own strength. We want God to teach us His ways so our life will be easier and more manageable. Resting goes against our nature. We run at the speed of our expectations trying to prove and to please. We push in hopes that one day we will eventually be able to rest. Many of us are weary from carrying a load we aren't designed to bear. Where we see obstacles, God views opportunities for us to trust His faithfulness. We must make our obstacle list our trust list. When we live at our designed pace, we walk at the speed of trust that rests securely in the unforced rhythm of God's grace.