Parent Network Podcast 30

April 11, 2019 • Troy Peverall

On Episode 30 we have a great conversation with our friend Troy Peverall of Agape Counseling Associates. Troy recently led a seminar for us called "Redemptive Parenting" and we talk about a few of his main points.

Parent Network Podcast 32

May 13, 2019 • John & Kristen Crapo

In Episode 32 we spend time with John and Kristin Crapo and chat about how to parent through all the phases. The Crapos have a college student and a recent college graduate and they have lots of wisdom for parenting with the end in mind.

Parent Network Podcast 31

April 29, 2019 • Courtney Everett

In Episode 31 we talk to our friend Courtney Everett about how to help our kids navigate the growing anxiety that exists in our world today. She gives some great insight on how we can help our kids process their thoughts and emotions in healthy ways.

Parent Network Podcast 29

April 4, 2019 • Millie Holloman & Emily Klinefelter

In Episode 29 we hear part 2 of Marcy's interview with Millie Holloman and Emily Klinefelter about fostering and The Foster Pantry. Also, leave us a review to help get the PN Podcast in front of more parents