The Good Way

February 9, 2020 • Clay Everett

Aimlessly wandering might be a good strategy for a Saturday afternoon car ride, but it’s not a great strategy for our lives. When we wander in life, we inevitably come to a place where we wonder how we ended up there. The reality is that we get to where we are one choice, one decision, one turn at a time. We stand at a crossroads every day. They provide us with opportunities to grow as well as opportunities to stumble. The question isn’t if we will encounter a crossroads, but what will we do when we come to the next one? When we come to those forks in the road, we must pay attention, look back, look up, and walk in the good way. It’s not our knowledge, but our steps that determine our direction! We can know the right choice, but if we do nothing about it, then what good is knowing. The next step is the first step. When we walk in God’s ways, we find rest for your soul.