July 9, 2017 • Tony Ferraro

What do our fears say about our view of God? In the midst of our anxiety or when we are facing uncertainty, this question rarely, if ever, gets answered. If we paused and took a moment to examine our hearts, we’d come to the realization that living in fear is living as if God doesn’t exist. We might know in our mind that God is our protector, but we fail to believe it in our heart. Instead, we fall for the lie from the enemy that God has forsaken us, having left us to figure it out on our own. Or simply, that He doesn’t care about us at all. Yet, the idea that God would abandon us in our greatest time of need is completely contrary to God’s heart and nature. Throughout Scripture, we see God tell individuals who are gripped by fear to not be afraid. Why? Because He is with them. Because He loves them. Because He views them as valuable. No matter what we might be facing, we can have complete confidence that the God of the universe is by our side.

Our Past

July 16, 2017 • Tony Ferraro

Without even knowing it, our past can infiltrate our present and influence our future. We walk into the future looking backwards. Rather than seeing what is ahead, we spend our days captivated by the rear-view mirror. We need to learn from our past, not be defined by it. We must review our past experiences looking for God’s presence instead of using it to build a case for not moving forward. Jesus shows us His scars to remind us that He cares about our own. He meets our shame with forgiveness. We are free from trying to change our past when we understand His promise to redeem it. God can take any brokenness and turn it into a perfect picture of His love.