Snooze: Part One

The Desire To Avoid

January 7, 2018 • Mike Ashcraft

We ignore the buzzer going off welcoming us to a new day. Instead, we tap the button, roll over, and convince ourselves that we will get out of bed eventually. All of those hopes and dreams we put off for another day. We’ll get around to finding our life’s purpose a little bit later. We pass off the responsibility for things like developing our prayer life, restoring a broken relationship, getting our finances in order or decluttering our closets to our future self. If we put off taking action long enough, we will eventually go back to sleep, and all of those hopes and dreams fizzle out. So, how do we stop hitting the snooze button, take action and work on the person we want to become in 2018? If we're going to change our behavior, it begins by changing what we see.

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Snooze: Part Two

Avoiding Futility • January 14, 2018 • Mike Ashcraft

The problem with resolutions and promises lies in their "all or nothing" belief system. It's either perfection or utter failure. One either fixes everything entirely, or they've dropped the ball completely. The reliance on ourselves never produces the change we hope for, which in turn amps up our disappointment and frustration. Here's the hard truth: no matter how strong we make it, our flesh is still weak. If it were capable of transforming our heart and altering our character, there would be no need for Jesus. Our hope for change begins by thinking process over perfection and promises. Rather than promising to commit, we commit to depend. Before we can submit our will to His, we must believe what we've received in Christ. To watch is to fix your eyes on what is true about ourselves and the hope that Christ provides