Easter 2018

Hope Secured

April 1, 2018 • Mike Ashcraft

reDEFINED: Part One

reSTORE • March 24, 2019 • Mike Ashcraft

We think we are basically good. Anything that comes against this belief we resist and push back against. As a result, sin is a word rarely used in today’s culture. The word carries with it a sense of condemnation, shame, and guilt. Sin perpetuates a vicious cycle. If the subtle thinking is that we are basically good, what do we do when things go wrong in our life. We ask the question: What is wrong with me? Sin has a weight that will crush us unless it is transferred to something that can support and take it. Sin separates, but grace restores. We don’t necessarily get a choice in our struggles. However, we have a say in what we do with those struggles. And Christ wants us to bring our sin, shame and struggles to Him. In our weakness, He wants to show us that He is strong. Acknowledging our sin doesn’t undermine our worth; it allows our worth to be restored.

Church Is Now: Part Four

A Thousand Little Things • March 17, 2019 • Mike Ashcraft

God doesn’t need us to do big things for Him. He invites us to walk in obedience in the ordinary and mundane moments of life. Kingdom advances through a thousand little things. Our work is what we do with our lives. One little action expands and captivates all the things around it. Reaching people and helping them walk with God begins and ends when we consistently show up for others. Relationships can't flourish at a distance; they require proximity and investment displayed over time.

Parent Network Podcast 28

March 21, 2019 • Millie Holloman & Emily Klinefelter

In Episode 28 we chat with Millie Holloman and Emily Klinefelter and hear their stories of fostering and adopting children. These two are doing great ministry and have a lot to say to encourage us all. Marcy and Sass also talk about upcoming spring events in the network.