Easter 2018

Hope Secured

April 1, 2018 • Mike Ashcraft

With God: Part Four

The Power of With • May 19, 2019 • Mike Ashcraft

Instead of obsessing about how we can make a difference in the world, we need to learn to make a difference in the moment. Relational disciplines are ways in which we can start to find the availability of God’s Kingdom and the power of His presence to reframe what we experience in the moment. Our attention and focus center on what is to come and how we can do BIG things for Him. But, all God asks of us is to be present in the moment and faithful in the small things. We don’t get a THERE without HERE. We don’t get a THEN without NOW. Don’t underestimate the power of the moments before us.

Video From Mike

May 24, 2019 • Mike Ashcraft

In Your Presence

May 14, 2019