February 25, 2018 - Family


February 25, 2018 • Clay Everett

The Gospel message is an adoption story. God went to great lengths to make us part of His family and call us His sons and daughters. Because we were adopted by God, we belong to God. We now have a place to call home and a place where we belong. But there is second implication of this amazing truth that God has adopted us into His family and its found throughout the New Testament. Because we belong to God, we belong to each other. Because we belong to the family of God, because we belong to the body of Christ, we then belong to each other. We are family.

Rushed: Part Two

The Speed Of Importance • September 9, 2018 • Mike Ashcraft

"Teach me your way, Lord, so that I __________." How would you fill in the blank? We tend to complete it with requests for insight or relief so that we can get on with a life we can control relying on our own strength. We want God to teach us His ways so our life will be easier and more manageable. Resting goes against our nature. We run at the speed of our expectations trying to prove and to please. We push in hopes that one day we will eventually be able to rest. Many of us are weary from carrying a load we aren't designed to bear. Where we see obstacles, God views opportunities for us to trust His faithfulness. We must make our obstacle list our trust list. When we live at our designed pace, we walk at the speed of trust that rests securely in the unforced rhythm of God's grace.

Rushed: Part One

Designed Pace • September 2, 2018 • Mike Ashcraft

We don’t set out to run so fast, it just happens. Time gets away from us. The pace of our lives tends to become hurried with increased pressure, and ultimately, we are overwhelmed. We rush with no clear direction or purpose. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. We have a choice and say in our pace. We can either spend our days feeling forced and pressured or we can learn how to live at the pace we were designed to live. One leads to anxiety, fear, frustration, and futility. The other brings intimacy, purpose, perspective and growth. To know what God is doing, we need to see what God is doing, and that doesn’t occur in a rush. If we want to see differently, we must live differently. We must create a space to set our pace.

Thy Kingdom Come: Part Three

How The Kingdom Advances • August 26, 2018 • Mike Ashcraft