February 25, 2018 - Family


February 25, 2018 • Clay Everett

The Gospel message is an adoption story. God went to great lengths to make us part of His family and call us His sons and daughters. Because we were adopted by God, we belong to God. We now have a place to call home and a place where we belong. But there is second implication of this amazing truth that God has adopted us into His family and its found throughout the New Testament. Because we belong to God, we belong to each other. Because we belong to the family of God, because we belong to the body of Christ, we then belong to each other. We are family.

Beautiful Disruption: Part Two

Hope For Peace • December 9, 2018 • Mike Ashcraft

Beautiful Disruption: Part One

Prepare To Hope • December 2, 2018 • Mike Ashcraft

The Advent season encourages us to examine our preparations, but not our decorations, baking, gift purchases or party planning. It's a season where we prepare to celebrate. We are called to reflect on our heart and our lives: are they prepared for the coming King? Anticipation provides the motivation for preparation. Preparing requires us to get His priorities. We can't celebrate the message of Christ in a hurry. Newness requires adjustment. We have to stay in a place that allows our heart to be moved. Transformation doesn't happen without disruption. A beautiful disruption is when a new, unfolding way replaces old familiar patterns. Old things don't go away easily. The new will disrupt the old. But, it's a beautiful disruption that brings life and freedom as we surrender the old in light of the new.

Parent Network Podcast 22

December 3, 2018 • Troy Peverall

Episode 22 is a continuation of our conversation with Troy Peverall of Agape Counseling Associates. We talk about how to parent in the midst of difficult marriage relationships and how to co-parent when you are divorced. Troy has great insight and advice for all of us.