Wilderness: Part Two

The End Of Temptation

May 13, 2018 • Mike Ashcraft

When facing temptation, our most significant vulnerability resides in the place between our desires and God's provision. It is here where we are most prone to stop short, quit, or give in. If we're not careful, we will wander in the wilderness, in the space between God's promise and the Promised Land. Drift is the natural direction of our thoughts, attitudes, choices, and actions. Focus is required to deal with the drift. But, focus involves more than just paying attention. Focusing also entails leaning on God and displaying enduring dependence. We tend to define God’s faithfulness by how He gets us out. But, we see His faithfulness when we depend on Him to get us through. Instead of looking for Him to prove His faithfulness, we need to learn to rely upon it.

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Everybody encounters temptation. Yes, everyone. No one is immune, including Jesus. If He was tested, then so can we. At the core of every temptation, we come face-to-face with a question that exposes our heart: Can God be trusted? The heart of temptation is trust. Every temptation forces us to question our identity as well as His goodness by putting us in the center. It works to disintegrate the wholeness we desperately want to experience. The wilderness feels God-forsaken, but the wilderness is God ordained. It’s in these moments where we face resistance and resistance builds strength.