Invitation To Imagine: Part Two

The Hard Truth

March 11, 2018 • Mike Ashcraft

By engaging our minds, we awaken our hearts. Our eyes open to the hope that is found only through Christ. The incarnation of Jesus, God’s arrival, was a game-changer. His sacrifice fundamentally changed everything, especially the way we approach God and our connection with Him. When we understand what we received through Christ, the response is to worship. Worship is evidence of understanding. We use worship as a declaration that we know and believe He is worthy. Worship creates space for the right perspective by allowing us to slow down and engage our heart, mind, and body. Worship starts when we receive grace upon grace upon grace.

Invitation To Imagine: Part One

Imagine God • March 4, 2018 • Mike Ashcraft

When we hear the word "god," our minds try to figure out who He is, what He's like, what He's passionate about, etc. We all have thoughts about God and what He should do. Over time, we develop a picture of God, but we rarely take the time to reflect on where this viewpoint came from and whether it lines up with the God present in Scripture. In our quest for understanding, we naturally gravitate towards attempting to explain God away. We foolishly believe the best way to understand is to reduce. We break complicated things, like God, down into their parts. Understanding and explaining are essential in our pursuit of God. However, if we make those matter too much, we will miss the thing our heart is looking for, namely God himself. We don't understand God by breaking down principles and doctrines, but by looking up and having our eyes expanded.