Tis The Reason

Christmas 2018

Tis The Reason Of Destruction

1 John 3:1-14 • December 16, 2018 • John Anderson

As we examine the reasons why Jesus came to earth and why we celebrate Christmas, we learn from the Apostle John that Jesus came to take away our sins and to destroy the works of the devil. That's absolutely the best Christmas gift ever given!

Tis the Reason of Dominion

Hebrews 2:5-18 • December 16, 2018 • John Anderson

Mankind is unique among all of God's creation, but in the Garden we lost the dominion over the earth that God intended for us. Christ's coming to earth in the form of a man enables us to leave the "family of Adam" and be born again into Christ and new life!

Tis the Reason of Redemption

Galatians 4:1-7 • December 9, 2018 • John Anderson

Jesus came into the world at the perfect time - the time ordained of the Heavenly Father. He came to deliver us from the curse of the law and to place in our hearts a new law, a law that keeps us in love with the Savior, the Word and with fellow Christians. Don't legalize your Christianity!

Tis the Reason of Salvation

1 Timothy 1:8-17 • December 9, 2018 • John Anderson

A personal testimony is a powerful witness to the unbeliever. Paul shares with young Timothy how he came to Christ and what a difference it made in his life. Christmas is all about this - that "Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners".

Tis the Reason of Revelation

Colossians 1:12-22 • December 2, 2018 • John Anderson

Many have asked the question, "What is God like?" In this text we learn that Jesus, the Son of God, accurately pictures the Father for us in all His glory and purpose for mankind. Jesus is the "express image of the Father"!