Forgotten God

Rediscovering The Person Of The Holy Spirit

The Power of the Holy Spirit

October 13, 2019 • John Anderson

The early church had little in the way of possessions, prestige or privilege, but they were filled with God’s Spirit and turned their world upside down with the message of Christ! Why is it that today’s church has much but accomplishes so little for the kingdom of God? Could it be we are missing the secret of power with God and success with the souls of men?

Strengthened By the Spirit

October 6, 2019 • John Anderson

Our culture always puts the emphasis on the external, but the emphasis in the Christian life is always on the internal, the hidden man of the heart. The only way to change the inner man is through the power of the Holy Spirit. What does that look like in our lives?

Praying in the Holy Ghost

September 29, 2019 • John Anderson

How’s your prayer life? That’s a good question for the child of God to ask frequently. Is it possible to pray in the will of God, aided by the Spirit, aware of God’s will in all matters, and see specific answers to those prayers? It is, when we pray in the Spirit.

Part Two: What About Speaking in Tongues?

September 22, 2019 • John Anderson

What About Speaking in Tongues

September 15, 2019 • John Anderson

There is much confusion today about speaking in tongues for the modern-day Christian. Let’s see what God’s Word says about the purpose for tongues, who the practice was for, and what exactly this verbal miracle of communication was in its essence.

Are We Living in the Apostolic Age?

September 8, 2019 • John Anderson

Are there still Apostles of the Lord among us and active in the church? What does the scripture have to say about the requirements and responsibilities of an Apostle? Here is a search through the New Testament that will provide answers to these very questions.

Using Our Spiritual Gifts

August 18, 2019 • John Anderson

Every Christian is endowed with a spiritual gift at the moment of salvation by the Holy Spirit. What are these gifts? What are they for? How do we know we are successfully using them?

The Giving Of Spiritual Gifts

August 11, 2019 • John Anderson

Everything the local church needs is provided by God through the giving of spiritual gifs to His children. Each of us has a gift that is to be used in His body, the church, so that the church functions properly and impacts this world.

Sinning Against the Holy Spirit

July 28, 2019 • John Anderson

The Word of God teaches us that there are several sins that can be committed against the person of the Holy Spirit, both by unbelievers and by believers. Why would we as God’s children want to offend and sin against our best friend, the One who made our dead spiritual nature come alive in Christ?

Will Someone Please Turn On The Lights?

July 24, 2019 • John Anderson

One of the greatest ministries of the Holy Spirit is that He provides illumination in the life of the believer.

Do You Want An Upgrade?

July 21, 2019 • John Anderson

This command to be "filled with the Spirit" is often overlooked by God's people. Our lives are to be permeated, influenced in every part by the Holy Spirit as we yield our lives to His control. It is not a "feeling", but rather a "filling."

The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit

July 17, 2019 • John Anderson

What does it really mean to be baptized by The Holy Spirit?

Born of the Spirit

July 14, 2019 • John Anderson

What is the Holy Spirit doing in this world today? The Apostle John, along with other New Testament writers, detail His important work in deterring evil and drawing people to Christ.

The Promise Of The Holy Spirit

July 10, 2019 • John Anderson

Join us as we discover the often-forgotten God in the Person of the Holy Spirit.