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Your Miracle Supply From God

May 20 • May 20, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

You will remain where you’re at financially only as long as you keep thinking prosperity and supply is for someone else, but not for you.

Miracle Marriage

May 17 • May 17, 2019 • Pastor Glen & Albert & Wendy Huerta

Pastor Glen and his guests Albert and Wendy Huerta discuss some of the incredible miracles of God in their marriage.

You Can't Be Stopped

May 16 • May 16, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

Nothing can stop you because, “No weapon formed against you shall prosper” (Isaiah 54:17).

Is Heaven Real

May 15 • May 15, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

The same way we Christians believe that heaven is real, we need to believe that every promise of God is real also, as strong as we believe in heaven.

Who Jesus Blesses

May 14 • May 14, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

When Jesus “blessed” the five loaves of bread and two fishes, what happened? The answer is they multiplied and fed 5,000 men, plus women and children. Because Jesus has blessed you, you also are about to multiply!

It Is God's Will

May 13 • May 13, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

A leper came to Jesus knowing that Jesus had the ability and power to heal him. What he did not know was whether or not Jesus was willing to heal him. Jesus straightened out his theology and said, “I am willing, be healed!”

Just Say It

May 10 • May 10, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

God “neither slumbers nor sleeps” (Psalm 121:4), “but is alert, watching over His Word to perform it to you” (Jeremiah 1:12). For that reason you should always speak the opposite of what you're bad circumstances are telling you.

Blessed With Abraham

May 9 • May 9, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

Pastor Glen shares the verses proving that we are to be at least as blessed and prosperous as Abraham was.

Giant Steps Part 3

May 8 • May 8, 2019 • Pastor Glen and John Heart

We are told to follow in the steps of the faith of Abraham. Faith has certain steps that you must ascend in order to materialize what you desire. Pastor Glen and John Heart discuss these steps.

Implementing the Promises

May 7 • May 7, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

Pastor Glen encourages us to stop talking about the way things are, and start talking about the way things could be or should be based on our desire and God's promises.

Overcoming All Things

May 6 • May 6, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

Pastor Glen shares the verse from The Revelation 12:11, which says we overcome the world, the flesh, and the devil “by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.”

The Other Side

May 3 • May 3, 2019 • Pastor Glen and Pastor Fernando Hernandez

Pastor Glen and guest, Pastor Fernando share about the steps that must be taken in order to get through what you are going through and arrive safely on the other side.

The Blessing of Empowerment

May 2 • May 2, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

Pastor Glen shares with you how “The Blessing” empowered different Bible characters in different ways.

You Are Always Creating

May 1 • May 1, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

Pastor Glen reiterates that thinking is a part of faith and what you think about you bring about. Because you are always thinking, you are always creating.