August 2018

Abundance is Your Nature

August 31 • August 31, 2018 • Pastor Glen and John Heart

Listen to Pastor Glen and special guest, John Heart, as they share the incredible desire that God has to see His people thrive and become like Him in the area of prosperity and abundance.

You Better Think

August 30 • August 30, 2018 • Pastor Glen and John Heart

Listen to Pastor Glen and special guest, John Heart, as they discuss the fact that as a man thinks in his heart, so is he (Proverbs 23:7).

Your Life Seeks Fuller Expression

August 29 • August 29, 2018 • Pastor Glen Curry

The same thing that makes the grass grow is what makes us want financial prosperity. It is the urge of life seeking fuller expression. Man can express himself in a much fuller way as he prospers.

Think Blessed, Not Broke

August 28 • August 28, 2018 • Pastor Glen Curry

Anywhere you want to go with God, you must think it and see it first, before it can materialize.

Wealth and Riches In Your House

August 27 • August 27, 2018 • Pastor Glen Curry

Pastor Glen shares the four promised blessings from Psalm 112:1-3 and focuses in on the promise that wealth and riches shall be in your house.

God's Will in Prayer

August 24 • August 24, 2018 • Pastor Glen Curry

Pastor Glen talks about how there is a definite assurance from God that you will get anything you desire in prayer if you will not doubt and simply believe what God has told you.

Revelation of Prayer

August 23 • August 23, 2018 • Pastor Glen Curry

Pastor Glen teaches an amazing message on prayer.

Money Establishes God's Covenant

August 22 • August 22, 2018 • Pastor Glen Curry

God has given us power to get wealth so that His covenant can be established to us and through us (Deuteronomy 8:18). If that's true, then none of His purposes can be accomplished if we are broke.

Astonishing Abundance In Christ

August 21 • August 21, 2018 • Pastor Glen Curry

Pastor Glen looks at some astonishing natural examples of abundance, and concludes that if God wants a forest or vineyard to be lush and abundant, He certainly wants that for us.

Don't Be Restricted By Lack

August 20 • August 20, 2018 • Pastor Glen Curry

Pastor Glen examines how poverty, lack, and insufficiency restricts our personal growth and has kept the Body of Christ from being a dominant force on earth.

Who Is Dake?

August 17 • August 17, 2018 • Pastor Glen Curry

This teaching is really all about the amazing promises of God to answer our prayers. Pastor Glen teaches from a book from Finis Dake, and what's being taught is a “must-hear!”

Why God Created Man

August 16 • August 16, 2018 • Pastor Glen Curry

God created man to have some quality fellowship with on His level. Pastor Glen shows that as you prosper, you become more God-like.

If It's Not Working - Change It

August 15 • August 15, 2018 • Pastor Glen Curry

Most people have been Christians long enough to know many of the promises of God. If those promises are proving true in your life, it's time to change what you think and believe. It's time to believe what God said.

Four Things That Please God

August 14 • August 14, 2018 • Pastor Glen Curry

The four biblical things that please or pleasure God are, faith, your prosperity, you asking and receiving in prayer, and God giving you anything and everything His kingdom contains.

Blessing You Blesses God

August 13 • August 13, 2018 • Pastor Glen Curry

Jesus said, that God gets glory when you get what YOU WANT in prayer.