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Only Victory, Not Defeat

February 22 • February 22, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

The Psalmist said, “This I know, that you favor me, because my enemies do not triumph or raise a shout of victory over me” (Psalm 41:11). Your enemy is anything trying to make you less than God purposes for you to be. Your enemies can’t win over God's love and promises.

Who Made the Promise?

February 21 • February 21, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

A person may make you a promise with no intention of fulfilling it. Or a person may make you a promise with every intention of fulfilling it but died before he fulfills it. God cannot lie and He will not die so His promises are sure to you.

Your Problems Are Shrinking

February 20 • February 20, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

All obstacles are small and shrink to nothingness when compared to God's integrity and wonderful promises to you.

You Are a King's Kid

February 19 • February 19, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

The children of Israel went into Egypt with the mentality of kings, deserving the very best in the world. When they left Egypt, they had a grasshoppers mentality. The king's mentality enabled them to receive every blessing but the grasshopper mentality enabled them to receive nothing.

Perfect Rightness With God

February 18 • February 18, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

Pastor Glen expounds on how much God loves you and how crucial it is for you to believe that with all of your heart in order to receive what God has promised you.

Your Nature is Abundance

February 15 • February 15, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

Abundance is God’s nature and now that you are a new creation, created in Christ Jesus (2 Corinthians 5:17) abundance is now your nature. Pastor Glen explains this clearly.

Let God Guide You

February 14 • February 14, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

In Isaiah 48:17, God promised to teach us how to profit (prosper). Pastor Glen shows us that God’s path drips with fatness and abundance (Psalms 65:11).

Faith in the Name of Jesus

February 13 • February 13, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

Pastor Glen teaches us how to develop faith in the NAME of Jesus. As we consider the achievements, history, greatness, Earth walk, and accomplishments of Jesus, our faith is increased to effectively use His name and get amazing results.

Let God Speak Through You

February 12 • February 12, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry and John Heart

When you speak the Word of God it is as if God Himself is speaking. Expect greater answers and manifestations as you speak the Word using the mighty name of Jesus!

Steamroller the Devil

February 11 • February 11, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry and John Heart

Pastor Glen and John Heart talk about the need to be aggressive as you believe God and speak His mighty Word.

Give It To God

February 8 • February 8, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

Since God can handle problems better than we can, Pastor Glen encourages us to do what we can do and then give our problems to God. Just as faith is the substance of things hoped for, worrying about our problems give substance to the things we dread.

You Are a Living Billboard

February 7 • February 7, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

We know that we are to be role-models and ambassadors for Christ. The Passion Translation of Ephesians 1:19, tells us that when the immeasurable greatness of God’s power is in us, our lives will be an advertisement for God.

First Principle of Prosperity

February 6 • February 6, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

In order to prosper, it is essential that you believe that God wants you to prosper and has made provision for you to prosper. There can be no faith present without the knowledge of God’s Will, which is found in your Bible.

All That God Said Happened

February 5 • February 5, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

God made a huge list of tremendous promises to the children of Israel through Moses. Everything God said came to pass. God wants everything He said to you to be your experience also.

World's Knowledge vs God's Knowledge

February 4 • February 4, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

Worldly knowledge is great, especially if you want to win the game of Jeopardy. However, in a real crisis of life you better have knowledge of the Word of God. Pastor Glen compares the two.