March 2019

Four Keys to Receiving From God

March 29 • March 29, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

Four keys to receiving from God is, 1) having an attentive ear to what God says; 2) having a steadfast look at God's promises; 3) keeping God's Word in your heart and 4) finding the promises that you need.

Giant Faith Part 3

March 28 • March 28, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry and John Heart

Pastor Glen and John Heart continue to talk about what can be done to increase our faith.

Experience Heaven on Earth

March 27 • March 27, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

When Jesus was asked by His disciples to teach them to pray, the first request He told us to pray about was asking God’s Will to be done in our lives as it is in heaven.

Cornelius's Miracle, God's Love

March 26 • March 26, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

Some people magnify God’s power. That is important, but nowhere in the Bible does it say, “God is power.” What the Bible does say is, “God is love.”

The Lord's Compassion

March 25 • March 25, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

God loves you more than Lady Gaga’s character loved her loser husband in “A Star Is Born.” Enough said.

Giant Faith Part 2

March 22 • March 22, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry and John Heart

God wants you to have giant faith! Pastor Glen and John Heart discuss how it's possible to make your faith super-strong!

Giant Faith Part 1

March 21 • March 21, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry and John Heart

Jesus asked His disciples, “How is it you have no faith?” Another time He said, “Oh you of little faith.” He told the dog food woman, “Oh woman, great is your faith.” Pastor Glen and John Heart discuss how to increase your faith.

What the Sozo?

March 20 • March 20, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

The word “sozo” is the Greek word for “saved.” Of course, that word means to have Jesus in your heart and everlasting life. But it's more than that. It means deliverance, preservation, healing, health, soundness, prosperity, and more.

Daily Loaded With Benefits

March 19 • March 19, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

God has promised to “daily load you with benefits” (Psalm 68:19). If that's not working for you, Pastor Glen will show you how to get it working.

How to Seek God Correctly

March 18 • March 18, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

To seek God correctly you must, 1) attend to His Word; 2) incline your ear unto His sayings; 3) let them not depart from your eyes; and 4) keep them in the midst of your heart. That’s what produces faith and results.

Healing is for All

March 15 • March 15, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

Pastor Glen shows us through the Gospels that everyone that came to Jesus for healing received their healing. That doesn't just go for healing, it goes for prosperity, favor, a sound mind, peace, and everything else that God promises.

A Place of No Lack

March 14 • March 14, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

As foreign and far-out as it might sound, the Bible says, “God has delivered into your hands a place where there is no lack of any good thing that is in the earth” (Judges 18:10). Start receiving good things today!

Jesus Banishes the Curse

March 13 • March 13, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

Through redemption, Jesus made provision to banish all sickness, disease, infirmities, lack, and limitations for you, if you just believe it.

Power Words

March 12 • March 12, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry and John Heart

Pastor Glen and John Heart gives us a powerful lesson on the importance of the words we speak.

God's Role-Models

March 11 • March 11, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

God wants you to “Continually experience the immeasurable greatness of His power made available to you through faith,” and for your life to be “an advertisement of His power” (Ephesians 1:19, TPT).