April 2020

Have the Faith of God

April 30 • April 30, 2020 • Pastor Glen Curry and John Heart

Pastor Glen and John Heart talk about the fact that Jesus told us we could function in the same kind of faith that God Himself functions in. For more information about world renowned trainer John Heart, check out his YouTube channel Mr. America Heart or by copying the link and pasting it in your web browser: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9E-WCfo0Alykqu-LgWKMtw

Get God's Rhema Word

April 29 • April 29, 2020 • Pastor Glen Curry

Pastor Glen talks about having that aha moment from the Word of God when you know that God is talking to you.

Who is Jesus to You?

April 28 • April 28, 2020 • Pastor Glen Curry

You must declare who Jesus is to you! Is He your healer? Is He your provider? It is up to each one of us to declare who Jesus is to us.

The Revelation of Jesus

April 27 • April 27, 2020 • Pastor Glen Curry

Peter declared that, “Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God.” Jesus then said that upon that revelation He would build His church.

The Assignment of the Word

April 24 • April 24, 2020 • Pastor Glen Curry

Just like every seed in the world is designed to produce something after its own kind, so it is with every promise of God to produce what the Word promises.

Plead Your Case

April 23 • April 23, 2020 • Pastor Glen Curry

God invites you to speak your cause and case before Him. You do this by using His promises just like an attorney would come before a judge to plead his case.

The Need for Miracles

April 22 • April 22, 2020 • Pastor Glen Curry

Many people believed in Jesus when they saw His miracles. Things haven’t changed, we still need to see His miracles today.

Heaven's Will on Earth

April 21 • April 21, 2020 • Pastor Glen Curry

Many Christians at the end of asking God for something He promised, use the term “if it be thy will.” We must know that God wants His will done on earth as it is in heaven.

Jesus Bore Your Sickness

April 20 • April 20, 2020 • Pastor Glen Curry

Pastor Glen reads from John G. Lake’s sermon on divine healing.

No Failure for You

April 17 • April 17, 2020 • Pastor Glen Curry

“God has delivered into your hands a place where there is no lack of any good thing that is in the earth” (Judges 18:10). That being true, there is no failure for you.

All Things Are Yours

April 16 • April 16, 2020 • Pastor Glen Curry

Two times the Word of God says regarding anything we could possibly need that, “All things are yours” (1 Corinthians 3:21-22).

Healing Lessons Pt. 3

April 15 • April 15, 2020 • Pastor Glen Curry

Pastor Glen teaches from John G. Lake’s book regarding the healing ministry throughout the book of Acts and how supernatural healing should be our experience today.

Healing Lessons Pt. 2

April 14 • April 14, 2020 • Pastor Glen Curry

Pastor Glen teaches from John G. Lake’s book regarding the progression of the healing ministry in the days of Jesus and the disciples.

Healing Lessons Pt. 1

April 13 • April 13, 2020 • Pastor Glen Curry

Pastor Glen teaches from John G. Lake’s book regarding healing that was written in 1918.

God is a Present Help

April 10 • April 10, 2020 • Pastor Glen Curry

Pastor Glen shares that we have all been in a jam and needed help that was bigger than we are. God is there for us, a very present help in times of trouble.