April 2018

The Blessing of Abundance

April 30 • April 30, 2018 • Pastor Glen Curry

As a Christian, you are an heir of “The Blessing” that was on Adam and Eve (before the fall), Noah and his sons, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

The Revelation of "The Blessing"

April 27 • April 27, 2018 • Pastor Glen and John Heart

Special guest, John Heart, 2013 Mr. America, shares from Pastor Glen’s book about how “The Blessing” can go from generation to generation without diminishing and only increasing.

You Become Like Your Associates

April 26 • April 26, 2018 • Pastor Glen and John Heart

From Psalm 101, Pastor Glen and John Heart, share about how to keep the channel of blessing clear by implementing some of the principals King David himself used.

Supernatural Transfer of Wealth

April 25 • April 25, 2018 • Pastor Glen Curry

Pastor Glen shows you how “The Blessing” will prosper ALL the works of your hands, and cause God’s presence to be with you at all times, and bring you to a place where you lack no good thing.

What "The Blessing" Looks Like

April 24 • April 24, 2018 • Pastor Glen Curry

God tells us that the tale of His bounty and blessing is going to strike and dread in men's hearts when the blessing is upon your life. God really wants your life to stand out from the crowd.

How You Got Blessed

April 23 • April 23, 2018 • Pastor Glen Curry

Pastor Glen shares a number of Scriptures promising that the wealth of the sinner does indeed come into the possession of the righteous when we believe God the right way.

Setting the Stage for Victory

April 20 • April 20, 2018 • Pastor Glen and John Heart

Pastor Glen and John Heart share from Psalm 101 about David's commitment to certain principles that would assure God's blessing in his life. The great news is if you apply those same principles, your life will be blessed also.

Batman's Utility Belt

April 19 • April 19, 2018 • Pastor Glen Curry

As Batman had everything he needed to get out of the jam or solve a problem right there in his Bat Utility Belt, so we believers have everything we need for any situation that arises in "The Blessing."

God Went Digital

April 18 • April 18, 2018 • Pastor Glen Curry

Pastor Glen elaborates on how the same spirit, authority, wisdom, and anointing that was on Moses to govern the people, settle disputes, and solve problems came on 70 of the leaders of Israel.

The Duke of Earl

April 17 • April 17, 2018 • Pastor Glen Curry

Not only did Jacob get "The Blessing” that made him rich, but even his brother Esau became very rich from the residue of the blessing that was on Isaac. He had a huge family that became territorial rulers, or Dukes.

Jacob Wrestles for a Blessing

April 16 • April 16, 2018 • Pastor Glen Curry

Jacob put such a high value on “The Blessing” that he wrestled an angel for even more of it. The angel blessed him and changed his name to Israel.

How Rich Was Jacob?

April 13 • April 13, 2018 • Pastor Glen Curry

After working for Laban for 20 years, Laban's wealth was supernaturally transferred to Jacob. Laban’s sons said, “Jacob has taken away all that was our father’s” (Genesis 31:1). Jacob later sent Esau a “love offering” of 580 goats, sheep, cows, donkeys, and camels.

Why Didn't Esau Lie?

April 12 • April 12, 2018 • Pastor Glen Curry

Jacob was a lying, scheming cheater, and had stolen Esau’s blessing. Why didn't Esau at least lie and say he did not trade his birthright for a bowl of stew? Pastor Glen explains why.

The Value of "The Blessing"

April 11 • April 11, 2018 • Pastor Glen Curry

Because Rebekah and Jacob put such a high value on “The Blessing,” and had such great faith in the importance of “The Blessing,” God decided to forgive them and bless them in spite of their shady and crafty scheming to obtain it.

Jacob Steals "The Blessing"

April 10 • April 10, 2018 • Pastor Glen Curry

“The Blessing” was so precious and coveted by Rebecca and Jacob that they would scheme, deceive, cheat, and steal to get it.