June 2019

Get the Word's Results

June 28 • June 28, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

The purpose of the promise is its fulfillment. The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus produced the results God wanted: amazing results to benefit you! It’s time to start experiencing what Jesus has already paid for.

Understanding Brings Blessings

June 27 • June 27, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

Once you understand certain spiritual principles, you will utilize those same principles and get good results from them the rest of your life. Pastor Glen shares some of those important principles.

Process of Purpose

June 26 • June 26, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry and Robert Cedeño

Purpose is the reason something is done or created, or the reason why something exists. Pastor Glen and his guest Robert Cedeño discuss the ways that, “Living on Purpose” will enhance your life.

Work God's Principles

June 25 • June 25, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

The Bible tells us that the mighty promises of God and the principles of faith are guaranteed to work by Jesus personally (Hebrews 7:22). Let’s get them working!

Jesus Christ the Same

June 24 • June 24, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8). Pastor Glen encourages us to treat every challenge we face as if that Scripture is true.

Full Provision Awaits

June 21 • June 21, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

Pastor Glen encourages you to not be cheated out of “life more abundantly.” God’s Word has promised us peace, happiness, prosperity, purpose, great relationships, good health, sound mind, and all things that pertain to life and godliness.

Gifts of Healing

June 20 • June 20, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

Pastor Glen differentiates between the “gifts of healing” and the “working of miracles.” After you are praying for your symptoms may linger but that's no reason to stop trusting God and miss your blessing.

Knowledge Brings God's Power

June 19 • June 19, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

When you know that your symptoms and circumstances are “lying vanities” and by observing them you forsake your own mercy, you can look to God and trust Him more than the circumstances.

See the Unseen

June 18 • June 18, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

Faith never judges according to the sight of the eyes because it is the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1). Pastor Glen shares how to see using the eyes of our faith.

God's Blessing for All

June 17 • June 17, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

We look at the fact that God is “plenteous in mercy to ALL who call upon Him” (Psalm 86:5). God has put our blessings in the past tense and invites us to come and receive whatsoever we will.

Why Jesus Healed

June 14 • June 14, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

Jesus told the religious leaders that being connected to Abraham was the reason people had a right to be healed. Pastor Glen shows many verses that connect us to Abraham and proves we have a right to be healed, prospered, and blessed.

Take Your Rightful Place

June 13 • June 13, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

This entire message is Pastor Glen exhorting you to take your rightful place as a child of God with authority and dominion. Very edifying!

Receiving God's Bounty

June 12 • June 12, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

God wants your life to be an advertisement of His power and goodness. Jeremiah 33:9 in Knox translation says, “Everywhere the tale of my bounty and my blessing shall strike awe and dread in men’s hearts.”

God's Word Delivers From Destruction

June 11 • June 11, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

When God’s people were in a life or death situation the way God helped them was to send them His Word. “He sent his word and healed them, and delivered them from their destruction" (Psalm 107:20).

Not Just Contact...Union!

June 10 • June 10, 2019 • Pastor Glen Curry

God wants your union with Christ to be as real as the union of a branch is to a vine so that all the nourishment in the vine (Christ) can flow into you, the branch (John 15).