June 2018

God is With You Big Time

June 29 • June 29, 2018 • Pastor Glen Curry

Obviously, the blessing of Abraham was given to Abraham, however; Moses, David, and the prophets unfolded to us what those blessings were.

How Blessed Are You?

June 28 • June 28, 2018 • Pastor Glen Curry

Today's broadcast, Pastor Glen identifies three things that God said concerning how blessed He wants you to be. God wants you blessed 1,000 times more than you currently are: blessed above all people and experiencing days of heaven on earth.

Samples of "The Blessing"

June 27 • June 27, 2018 • Pastor Glen Curry

Pastor Glen reads Scriptures that identify part of what the New Testament calls, "The Blessing of Abraham."

What God Told Abraham

June 26 • June 26, 2018 • Pastor Glen Curry

Although we do not know everything God said to Abraham, Moses later unfolded what was said. Listen to find out as Pastor Glen shares with us what God said to Abraham.

Who Is the Blessing To?

June 25 • June 25, 2018 • Pastor Glen Curry

Pastor Glen shares about how God stood in blood and spoke blessings to Abraham and how God saw your face as He did it.

What Are Abraham's Blessings?

June 22 • June 22, 2018 • Pastor Glen Curry

Pastor Glen shows us where we Christians get "The Blessing." He also shows us when and how "The Blessing" was originally given to Abraham and passed on to us.

We Are One With God

June 21 • June 21, 2018 • Pastor Glen Curry

Man is the crowning creation of God, and only a saved man can exemplify the nature and quality of God. God purposed that our salvation would be so real and complete that, "He sanctifies and he that is sanctified is one." (Hebrews 2:11)

You Are Abraham's Offspring

June 20 • June 20, 2018 • Pastor Glen Curry

In today's broadcast, we look at your legal right to be blessed and the two-fold promise of the Spirit.

Connected and Blessed With Abraham

June 19 • June 19, 2018 • Pastor Glen Curry

Pastor Glen shows you a number of New Testament Scriptures that connect you to Abraham that will help you be comfortable thinking of yourself as receiving Abraham's blessing.

Overcoming Fiery Furnaces

June 18 • June 18, 2018 • Pastor Glen and John Heart

Pastor Glen and John Heart look at the courage, determination, and faith of the three Hebrew boys who decided not to bow down to a golden idol.

Gaining Power in Jesus Name

June 15 • June 15, 2018 • Pastor Glen and John Heart

The Name Above All Names

June 14 • June 14, 2018 • Pastor Glen and John Heart

The Mighty Name of Jesus

June 13 • June 13, 2018 • Pastor Glen and John Heart

Jesus' Promise on Faith

June 12 • June 12, 2018 • Pastor Glen and John Heart

Faith Comes - Fear Leaves

June 11 • June 11, 2018 • Pastor Glen and John Heart