Jesus Took Your Junk

January 27

January 27, 2020 • Pastor Glen Curry

Whatever negative, harmful things life can dish out and you have experienced, Jesus carried it away for you and took it to the cross with Him, freeing you from it.

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God's Method for Change

January 31 • January 31, 2020 • Pastor Glen Curry

God’s method for changing and transforming your life is to get you to think differently. God wants you to think in-line with the Word of God and that act alone will transform and benefit your life (Romans 12:2).

Think Correctly and Win

January 30 • January 30, 2020 • Pastor Glen Curry

God’s promise to you is that you will prosper and be in excellent health IF you can get your soul (mind) to prosper. Pastor Glen shows us how.

How God Heals

January 29 • January 29, 2020 • Pastor Glen Curry

The way that God provides good things for us was by first having Jesus carry and experience the bad things for us. It’s called “substitution.” God healed you legally when Jesus carried and experienced your sicknesses and diseases.