Say What!? // Love your enemies // Dr. Ike Reighard

Luke 6:27-36

June 3, 2018 • Dr. Ike Reighard • Week 1

Ever thought some of the things Jesus says doesn't make sense? How about that whole, "Love your enemies." thing? Dr. Ike Reighard takes a look at a passage in the book of Luke and shows us how we can love those who hate us, because of how we are loved by God.

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Say What!? // Treasures on Earth // Dr. Ike Reighard

Matthew 6:19-24 • June 24, 2018 • Dr. Ike Reighard

Jesus was often very challenging in his teaching—even to the point of his disciples asking, "This is a difficult saying, and who can understand it?" (John 6:60) When Jesus commanded us not to store up treasure on earth, but in heaven, it wasn't so we would take a vow of poverty. It was so we could focus our minds on God and who can provide for all of our needs, and think about using our resources for others rather than ourselves.

Say What!? // Lose your life // Dr. Ike Reighard

Matthew 6: 25 – 34 • June 17, 2018 • Dr. Ike Reighard

What does it mean to "take up your Cross and follow Me"? For a lot of people, that means "sacrifice". And dads know how to sacrifice. This Father's Day, Dr. Ike Reighard, shares with us what it means to be a true follower of Jesus, and what sacrifices dads make to be good fathers.

Say What!? // Don't sweat it // Dr. Ike Reighard

Matthew 6: 25 – 34 • June 10, 2018 • Dr. Ike Reighard

After a very anxious week in our country, Dr. Ike Reighard shares some ways that we can be less anxious in this world. If you need someone to talk with, we are here for you. You can contact us through our website at piedmontchurch.tv.