Hebrews This Sin Has Held Us Down Too Long!!!

August 3, 2021 • Pastor Omar Thibeaux • Hebrews 12:16

Fornication, adultery, & pornography has been one of the most destructive sins that hurts everyone around us, including ourselves. The majority of content on the internet is pornography and it out performs Amazon, Netflix, & Facebook combined. Listened to this thought provoking sermon on “Fornication, The Sin That Has Held Us Down Too Long!”

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September 14, 2021

Run To Marriage

September 7, 2021 • Pastor Omar Thibeaux • Hebrews 12:14–17

While Yah tells us to flee fornication, he also tells us to RUN to marriage. Listen as Pastor Omar presents a thought provoking sermon on marriage and the purposes Yah intended marriage to be for.

Joy And Peace

September 5, 2021 • Pastor Omar Thibeaux • Acts 13:42–52

The word shalom means peace. This peace is a total state of well being. It is not the absence of trouble, but it means that you have everything you need as you go through trouble.