O Taste and See

Experiencing Satisfaction from the Redeemer

March 31, 2019 • Lance Lewis • Psalm 34

This morning we are privileged to have previous Pastoral Intern, Lance Lewis, with us to open up God’s Word. Our anchor text of scripture will be Psalm 34, where we find David, the rightful King of Israel, running from King Saul in the wilderness. During this troubling time, David chose to find his protection and satisfaction in the Lord (1 Samuel 21-22). He also penned two psalms, one describing his affliction (Psalm 56), and the other describing his deliverance (Psalm 34). These Psalms of David continue to resonate with believers because they remind us of who God is in every circumstance. Join us as we look at both the blessings of the afflicted and the lessons we can learn while living in affliction.

Thanksgiving (2019)

The Grateful Saint • November 24, 2019 • David Cotner

In today’s anchor text of Scripture, we will continue our series on gratefulness by looking at Psalm 100. In these five verses, we get a holistic picture of what gratitude to God looks like and feels like. This passage also presents the fuel of our gratitude to God, namely, knowing God. In this special Thanksgiving message, we will discover that knowing God (and truly believing what we know about God) fuels our feelings of gratitude to God.

Thanksgiving (2019)

The Grateful Samaritan • November 17, 2019 • David Cotner

In today's sermon, we will launch the first of two messages on the topic of gratefulness. Indeed, the gifts of God should result in thanksgiving to God. And haven’t we been so richly blessed by God? In today’s focus text of Scripture, we will examine Luke 17:11-19 and witness a spectacular scene: Jesus heals ten lepers, but only one comes back to express any sort of gratitude. Join us as we examine this amazing scene and be encouraged to express your thankfulness this holiday season.

Half-Way Point: 10 Fresh Reminders

July 21, 2019 • David Cotner

In today’s special message, “Half-Way Point: 10 Fresh Reminders,” Pastor Dave will share from his heart and from God’s Word. He states, “With half of our year and half of our summer in the rear-view mirror, let’s take a momentary pit stop and remind ourselves of some things we might have forgotten in the midst of our crazy, busy schedules.” Pastor Dave will remind us of who we really are, how to measure success, what to do when the going gets tough, and seven other timely, fresh reminders.