Traditional Thanks for Traditional Things

A 2018 Thanksgiving Sermon

November 25, 2018 • David Cotner

Every year at this time, I give what Pastor Jon calls my “State of the Union” address. In other words, I usually take a Sunday, around the Thanksgiving holiday, to simply praise God for his many and undeserved blessings in our church family. Indeed, in year’s past, I have highlighted all kinds of items of thankfulness and gratefulness. So, I racked my brain this past week to come up with something new, exciting, and fresh; but I have only the same traditional things to be thankful and grateful for. But what a joy to give a traditional thanks for traditional things to a traditional God who is all together traditional and exciting at the same time.

Cole Albright

July 12, 2020

Today we are privileged to have Cole Albright with us. Cole is a Missionary-Appointee headed to the country of Peru. He is a graduate of both Faith Baptist Bible College and Liberty University. He and his wife Debbie have four children (two biological and two adopted). Today Cole will explain a little bit of his passion for Peru, the Gospel, and the work of missions both here and everywhere. Welcome, Cole, to the prairie!

Every People & Tribe

June 7, 2020 • David Cotner

As our nation is being ripped apart by racism and riots, many of us, as the people of God, are scared, confused, angry, and grieving. How do we make sense of all this? What does the Bible say about all this? Many of us would just rather hide under the proverbial blanket and hope (and pray) it all goes away. But should we be doing something more? What else can we do? Join us as we open God's Word and administer biblical perspective and hope amidst pain and panic.

Timeless Truths In Turbulent Times - Part 5

Psalm 150 • April 26, 2020 • David Cotner

As we land the plane on this special COVID-19 mini-series, we find ourselves in a "parable of praise" - Psalm 150! Indeed, this psalm is all about praise. As we dive into the text, we come face to face with a command (given no less than 13x), namely, "praise the Lord!" But what is praise? And where, why, and how should we praise the Lord? Find out as we dive into the jubilant world of Psalm 150!