Episode 49: Making Disciples Is Messy

August 9, 2017

On this episode, Pastor Gary Buck is joined by Nate Hoffer, the Executive Director of Good Samaritan Shelter. Every day Nate works with people experiencing homelessness, and so his insights into why people end up at the shelter and what we as the church can do about it is invaluable. If we truly care about Jesus' call to make disciples of ALL people, things tend to get a little messy. And that is OK.

Episode 107: Who Decided What Could Be In the Bible?

Christians believe that the Bible is a source of authority that governs our lives. But who approved the scriptures and what was that process like? If someone approved them, does that mean the Bible's authority is given by man and not by God? Join Pastors Brian & Gary as they tell the history of the evolving process of Canonization.

Episode 106: Can Biased Christian Writings Be Trusted?

In Episode 105 we made the case that New Testament history is accurate and not fictitious or mythic. In this episode we answer the next objection to the Christian record of history. The stories of miracles and resurrections from the dead seem to be so implausible--how can we trust the gospels and early Christian histories when they are written by biased Christians?

Episode 105: Was Jesus Lord or Legend

Was Jesus who the Christian writers claimed he was, or was his reputation inflated to mythic status by the early Christian community. Many in the western world presume Jesus is simply a legend. But what has scholarship and a close look at the facts revealed?