Episode 8: The Power of Contentment

October 25, 2016 • Gary Buck and Rebekah Hoffer

Join hosts Gary Buck and Rebekah Hoffer as they talk about the freeing power of contentment and the dangers of dissatisfaction. Discontentment is profoundly connected to sin, and realizing this is extremely eye-opening! Rebekah also has a lot of healthy tips regarding spending money (or not spending!). So join our conversation, and we hope you'll be motivated and inspired to live with peace in your hearts as we live in a generally discontent society.

Episode 59: Hurricanes and Healing

October 18, 2017

Pastor Gary Buck sits down with Barb Hummel and Tina Martin, who recently traveled to Houston, Texas to help rebuild homes that had been gutted by hurricane Harvey. This is the church rising to the challenge! But why is it important that the church respond when we see a crisis, whether it's across the world or right across the street?

Episode 58: Should Christians Watch Horror Movies?

October 11, 2017

Horror movies are wildly popular, both inside and outside the church. But why? Join Pastors Gary Buck and Brian Flewelling as they discuss some of the complexities around what is just "entertainment" and what affects our souls. And is it possible for Christians to make horror movies?

Episode 57: Should Christians Talk Politics?

October 4, 2017

Don't worry, Pastor Gary Buck and Jamie Detweiler won't actually talk specific politics. They will guide us along this delicate path of the do's and don'ts of political commentary. Did Jesus talk politics? And how should we?