Episode 8: The Power of Contentment

October 25, 2016 • Gary Buck and Rebekah Hoffer

Join hosts Gary Buck and Rebekah Hoffer as they talk about the freeing power of contentment and the dangers of dissatisfaction. Discontentment is profoundly connected to sin, and realizing this is extremely eye-opening! Rebekah also has a lot of healthy tips regarding spending money (or not spending!). So join our conversation, and we hope you'll be motivated and inspired to live with peace in your hearts as we live in a generally discontent society.

Episode 128: What Is God Saying to His Church?

A Conversation With Kara Sensenig and Becky Jones • January 16, 2019

With everything in our culture shaking, its more imperative than ever to hear from God. What is God saying to the Church in this pivotal hour? Is there a timely truth that we need to apply to our lives to advance into a greater calling God has for us?

Episode 127: Hearing God's Voice, Intimacy With God In Prayer

A Conversation With Sharon Smeltz • January 9, 2019

What kind of game plan should you have going into prayer? How do you develop a sense that God is close to you and personal? How do you hear his voice for yourself? A prayer warrior answers these questions and more.

Episode 126: The Faith of George H.W. Bush

A Conversation With Gary & Chris Buck • January 2, 2019

Faith in History: George H.W. Bush. Pastor Gary Buck and historian Chris Buck take a look at the quiet faith of the 41st President of the United States. His faith influenced how he lived, how he won, and how he lost.