#171 Digging in the Dirt is Spiritual

A Conversation With Les Yoder • November 20, 2019

What simple, seemingly mundane thing has God placed in your life that He can use to build His kingdom? The first man on earth was a farmer and a gardener. Les Yoder talks about the spirituality of farming, and how God uses his expertise in Agriculture to reach ex-communist countries with the gospel. We also talk about his journey with cancer and how it clarified his life purpose.

#170 Mom, Jobs, Kids, & Social Media

A Conversation With Brittany Flexer • November 13, 2019

Moms with young children have an incredibly demanding job. We talk with the leader of the Lipstick & Crayons at Petra about what quality time looks like for her family; how to nurture authenticity in relationships; and how to care for your soul with so many demands and distractions.

#169 Faith in History: The Real Braveheart

A Conversation About William Wallace • November 6, 2019

William Wallace is the medieval Scottish patriot who was spurred into revolt against English tyranny. In this conversation pastor Gary Buck and his brother Chris separate myth from fact and discuss the real William Wallace and the role that faith played in his life.

#168 Sit, Walk, Stand

A teaching from Watchman Nee • October 30, 2019

In this short episode we'll recollect one of the teachings of Chinese Pastor Watchman Nee. Two of his books continue to impact Western Christianity in profound ways--the Normal Christian Life, and Sit, Walk, Stand. We'll talk about his book Sit, Walk, Stand.

#167 Five Habit Values that Drive Petra Leaders

A Leadership Equipping Teaching • October 23, 2019

These five habit-values are the finger print of what makes Petra unique. They are what we want to reproduce in our leaders, and our spiritual children. This is a teaching that pastor Lester gave in September of this year to all of Petra's ministry leaders.

#166 Back to Prison

A Conversation With Ryan Forbes • October 16, 2019

Ryan Forbes was a menace to society. Dangerous. Multiple felonies. Assaulted police officers. Used every drug you could think of to fill the abandonment in his life. Then on a Father's Day, while standing in his jail cell, he had a spiritual encounter with his Heavenly Father that changed his life forever. Now, after twelve years, he is a completely transformed man, and the Lord sent him back to prison, this time to minister to the inmates.

#165 Healing After Abortion

A Conversation With Julie Whitlatch • October 9, 2019

Julie shares her story of having two abortions, and the healing that God worked into her life so many years later. Julie is the COO at Deeper Still ministry that is helping other women find freedom from the oppressive guilt and shame that accompanies abortions. If you'd like to reach out to Julie or Deeper Still you may contact them at: 865.524.3313 (office) 724.833.1296 (cell) www.GoDeeperStill.org

#164 Free From Porn, Tobacco, and Isolation

A Conversation With Karl Stoltzfus • October 2, 2019

Karl was addicted to tobacco and porn for over 30 years. Listen to him share what finally helped him get free; what didn't work; and how to help the next generation live in victory.

#163 Jesus, the Biblical Feasts, & the Coming End of Times

A Conversation With Theresa Newell • September 25, 2019

Dr. Theresa Newell just got back from taking another group of pilgrims to Israel. She fills us in on how our love for Jesus can be greatly enhanced. When we understand how Jesus is fulfilling the Feasts in the Bible, and when we understand the role the land and people of Israel play in that drama we'll fall deeper in love with this wonderfully great God of ours.

Episode #162 Union With God, A Meditative Journey

A Teaching of Bernard of Clairvaux • September 18, 2019

This podcast is a meditative journey that explores the teachings of an influential Church father--Bernard of Clairvaux. His timeless wisdom will lead the modern pilgrim through the four degrees of love and the ultimate fulfillment of the soul--to lose itself in God and be fully unified with Him.

Episode #161 Rising Above Chronic Illness & Pain

A Conversation With Jean Snyder • September 4, 2019

There are few things as debilitating as chronic illness and chronic pain. How do you balance hope for healing and realism? How can you be a great friend to others who are struggling? And what are the ways chronic illness and pain impact your life physically, mentally/emotionally, socially, and spiritually?

Episode #160 Faith in History: Jackie Robinson

A Faith in History Conversation

He swallowed tremendous insult and overcome incredible odds. He changed the United States forever. He was a man of incredible integrity and faith. This episode is about Jackie Robinson--the first African American to play professional baseball in the MLB.

Episode #159 Recovering Damaged Relationships

A Conversation With Dan Jensen • August 21, 2019

Sometimes a relationship that started out so well can get off course and into the ditch. In this conversation we talk about the uncomfortable process of restoration, the stages of recovery, and the winning mentality.

Episode #158 Deliver Us From Evil

A Conversation With Betty & Glenn Metzler • August 15, 2019

All sin and injustice is built on lies. Most of the time we don't even realize that our operating system might be built on unconscious deviations from God's truths. What are some of these lies? How did they get here? How do we get rid of them? And how do we form new habits based on truth instead of based on distortion?

Episode #157 Why We Respond the Way We Respond--Church Habits & Culture

A Conversation With Caleb Gudgeon • August 7, 2019

Today we want to look at how the congregation acts and behaves within the worship service. Why do we raise our hands, clap, etc. Is that just emotionalism? And what about those churches that are constantly shouting "Amen" while the pastor is preaching? How a community responds sets an atmosphere and culture that affects the community.