Eastgate House Of Prayer

Releasing the Holy Spirit

May 21, 2019 • Allan Yoder

Join us as Hopewell Network International apostle and local pastor, Allan Yoder, shares some significant spiritual history of Lancaster County including hindrances and keys to releasing more of the Holy Spirit. Jonathan Martin will lead our prayer time as we press in for a historic outpouring of the Holy Spirit that results in transformation in our Region.

Who Are The Children of God

April 9, 2019 • Barb Hummel

Jesus came to bring more than just salvation. He came to release us into a place of maturity as spiritual sons and daughters fully equipped to realize His purposes in the earth. He came so that we might have life, and that we would have it to the fullest! (John 10:10). Join us as Barb Hummel shares a teaching, "Who are the children of God?", and leads our intercession time to follow.

Human Trafficking- Freedom From Sexual Bondage

March 26, 2019 • Janelle Esbenshade

Janelle Esbenshade shares her heart to see men, women, and children set free from sexual bondage. Janelle serves as a Restoration Coach with North Star Initiative, a local organization dedicated to restoring the lives of survivors of sex-trafficking. Janelle, born and raised in Lancaster County, carries a passion for the Lord and a heart to see women experience healing and freedom so they can walk out their God-given destiny. Janelle's role at North Star Initiative has been discipling and mentoring women and young adults in various capacities, including Cleansing Stream Ministries. One of her greatest roles has been over the past 20 years as a stay-at-home mom!

The Flight Of The Eagle

The Apostle John’s influence in present day revival. • March 12, 2019 • JC Alzamora

JC Alzamora shares a timely word regarding our Father’s House, new wine, and what it means to lead as sons and daughters. After his message there is intercession for transformation at Petra, in our communities, region, and nation. JC Alzamora is a powerful and prophetic preacher, whose ministry is characterized by the flow of spiritual gifts. He has a passion to see the reality of the Kingdom of God manifest on Earth as it is in Heaven. He’s also the Director of HSSM and serves on the Apostolic Council of HarvestNet International. JC is from Venezuela, and he and his wife Maria live in Ephrata PA.

2019 Activate School of Prayer: Intercessory Worship

Session 6 • February 26, 2019 • Kristina Flewelling

Worship-saturated prayer rises like a fragrance before God's throne to declare His glory and reign over all circumstances, governments, and relationships. Join us for Session 6 of our ACTIVATE School of Prayer as Kristina Flewelling shares on the importance of Intercessory Worship in this hour. Be encouraged through corporate worship and prayer knowing that God releases His power and presence into our families, our communities, and our Region as we come into agreement with His heart.

2019 Activate School of Prayer: Authority In Prayer

Session 5 • February 19, 2019 • Keith Yoder

Apostolic Leader Keith Yoder will focus on Authority in Prayer. He shares on the importance of praying with God and walking in the understanding that you and I are the chosen vehicles through which the fullness of the power of God is meant to be expressed in the natural realm.

2019 Activate School of Prayer: Intimacy and Friendship With God

Part 4 • February 12, 2019 • Jake Kail

Each of us has a been given an incredible invitation from God: to walk with Him, be known by Him, and be called His friend. Join us for Session 4 of our ACTIVATE School of Prayer as Jake Kail shares a powerful word on Intimacy and Friendship With God.

2019 Activate School of Prayer: Prophetic Intercession and Discerning God's Voice

Session 3 • February 5, 2019 • Becky Jones

As believers we have access to the heart of God, and as intercessors we have the power to release His heart into every circumstance we face. Join us for Session 3 of our ACTIVATE School of Prayer as prophetic leader, Becky Jones explores how to partner with the Holy Spirit through Prophetic Intercession and Discerning God's Voice.

2019 Activate School of Prayer: Power of Praying the Word

Session 2 • January 22, 2019 • Anthony Esh

God has chosen to accomplish His will on this planet through the prayers of His people. When we speak and pray in agreement with Scripture, we are indeed partnering with God as His power is released to answer our prayers! Scripture reminds us that God's Word is alive and powerful, sharper than a two-edged sword (Hebrews 4:12). We cannot fail when we pray the Word. Join us for Session 2 of our ACTIVATE School of Prayer as Anthony Esh shares on the Power of Praying the Word.

2019 Activate School of Prayer: Encountering God Through Prayer

Session 1 • January 15, 2019 • Kara Sensenig

Through prayer we have the ability to connect with the heart and mind of our heavenly Father. Jeremiah 33:3 says, “Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.” God longs for us to call to Him as our source of life, wisdom, guidance, and truth. He desires to answer our calls by shepherding us into a lifestyle of continually seeking and receiving revelation from his word and Spirit. Kara Sensenig kicks off our 2019 ACTIVATE School of Prayer with Session 1: Encountering God Through Prayer.

Free to Be You and Me

December 11, 2018 • D'Lury Geiger

As sons and daughters of God we are called to live out of the fullness of our new identity in Christ. Sometimes we find gaps in our lives that hinder us from fully experiencing our freedom. Join us as D'Lury Geiger shares a message, Free to Be You and Me, and addresses the things that hinder us and provides keys to walking in this place of fullness and abundance.

Partnering With The Holy Spirit

November 13, 2018 • Kara Sensenig

Cultivating our hearts in the secret place of God's love, empowers our faith and activates His power in our lives. Join us as Kara Sensenig shares a message on Partnering With the Holy Spirit.

Praying For The Persecuted Church

November 6, 2018 • Brian Flewelling

Join us as Pastor Brian Flewelling shares insights related to current national and world events including what's happening in the Middle East and with Israel. He will address the persecuted church and help to provide insight as to how to pray with authority and wisdom in this hour.

Prayer Focus For America

October 30, 2018 • Dr. Abby Abildness

An individual who prays and humbles himself before God can help to change the course of a nation. No doubt the power of a unified, praying Church is even greater! Join us for worship and prayer for our nation as Dr. Abby Abildness provides a snap shot of what is happening in America as it relates to current events and how we, the Church, can pray in this hour. About Abby & Jim Abildness: Abby is a sought-after speaker and teacher both nationally and internationally. Abby is the Pennsylvania State Director of the Legislative Prayer Caucus and consults with international legislative agenda. She leads the Global Apostolic Prayer Network and is State Leader for the Pennsylvania Apostolic Prayer Network, Generals International, and Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network. These strategic positions put Jim and Abby on the forefront of key cultural transformation initiatives as their mandate is to be empowering global solutions. Jim and Abby are the founders and CEO's of Healing Tree International. Their passion is to network pastoral, medical, business and government leaders for the healing of nations. Jim and Abby are I Change Nations Global Peace Ambassadors and members of the Global Leadership Council. They are establishing a Penn United Nations Peace Council. Jim and Abby are Global Apostolic Network Leaders and are establishing apostolic hubs in nations to network as centralized centers for training, equipping and networking leaders for distribution. In addition, Jim and Abby are Global Leaders in the Global Health Transformation Network.

Intimacy With God

October 23, 2018 • Anthony Esh

Exodus 34:14 shows us that God is jealous for your affection. He desires to know and love you in the same way the Father, Son, and Spirit know and love each other. Join us as Anthony Esh shares about the beauty of God and the fruit of Intimacy with God out of Song of Songs 2:14.